Had A Good Night’s Sleep At The PR Dept…?

    January 7, 2005

Say you buy a Motorala A1000. If you’re like most people you tell your friends what you think. If you’re an ordinary blogger you maybe mention it, or even write a review.

But if you’re Richard Gatarski you start a blog entirely devoted to describing every possible angle of using a A1000.

We all see the implications of this – depending on Richard’s experience this can become either a PR success or a PR nightmare for Motorola. Nothing strange there, that’s what we can expect from blogs.

What I still don’t get is how the manufacturers (in this case Motorola) dares not to blog.

I have a P910i, not a A1000. I would love to read a blog about P910i. If Sony Ericsson starts it I’ll read. I will also read if someone else starts it. How is it possible for SE’s communications department to wake up in the morning feeling calm about that fact?

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