Hackers Buying AdWords Now?

Obama ad leads to virus download

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Gotta hand it to the Web bandits. Buying AdWords is a brazen new realm for them. A paid link leading to a dangerous malware-laden download targeted President-Elect Obama’s sweeping victory.

The ad, which according to the screenshot at security company Sophos blog achieved top placement for the keyword phrase “Obama win,” clicked out to a “rogue” site and a download prompt for an installer that is “100% checked by Antivirus.”

Despite that vague reassurance, downloading launches a PDF file to exploit an Acrobat Reader flaw and deliver a virus labeled Mal/PDFEx-B.

Hopefully nobody was click-happy enough to click that “Download now” button, especially since neither the paid ad nor the site it led to actually ever said what the user would be downloading. All the AdWords ad said was “Download Now” and Instant Download Download Now and Save Time.”

The text lets the reader assume what it would be related to “Obama win,” and imagine how much time they’ll save downloading whatever it is.  

Sophos says the ad has been removed since that sighting.

Hackers Buying AdWords Now?
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  • http://www.thelostagency.com David

    so did anyone think to check for "mccain win" thats bad if even the axis of evil who run these malware campaigns didnt think anyone else besides Obama stood a chance.

    … actually… maybe could have been downloadable health care applications?

    • Guest

      None of the McCain voters would actually click a stupid add like that but on the other hand, Obama followers would ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Guest

        Boy, these grapes are sour! Where’d you buy them, Wasilla?

      • Guest

        It’s an ad, short for advert, not an add. You’re not adding anything.

  • http://www.allaboutbreakups.com faraz

    Oh, my God its so hard to believe. Now, we have to be wary of adwords ads too? It sounds really dangerous.

    Maybe, they were not getting enough clicks from organic searches.

    • Guest

       Definitely, worry about the Adwords ads. I was once fleeced by a travel agency who I found through Google ads.

  • http://magiczne.seoisem.pl Kasia Bauer

    I wonder if they were penalized by Landing Page Quality by AdWords? ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Guest



  • http://www.sabrient.com/smart/qmaxx.html Ronald Rutherford

    Yes add that ad back into things to avoid…

    What’s wrong with Wasilla???

    • Guest

      uh, you mean other than they gave us Sarah Palin? K, how about witch-hunting preachers and secessionists…enough of a reason to stay the hell away from there for sure

  • Guest

    How do external links help the seller during the process of selling a consumer product online? 

    I know this question sounds simplistic but I don’t get it.


  • Ponting

    Nice Post

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