Hacker Releases Visa and Mastercard Information Stolen From Chase Bank


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According to a hacker who calls himself Reckz, or Jeremy, he has gained access to Visa and Mastercard files through several large banks.

He then released the information minus several critical aspects including card number, security code, and expiration date. The message was posted via Pastebin on the 18th of June.

Reckz comments in his Pastebin post about the bank hacks and the release of information:

"Today's target is VISA & Mastercard, I will be only leaking a portion of the credit card information, as I cannot leak the entire data, it's too large, and this is the certain proof that i've hacked into VISA & Mastercard...."

"I'm also censoring the credit card information such as CC Number, Secret Code, Expiry date for security measures, I also edited the way the information will look, the original one looked bullshit."

He further explains that his purpose for hacking the banks involves good old fashioned curiosity rather than some malicious intent. He also claims to have no special talents, just passionate curiosity.

He mentions Chase Bank as one of the institutions he infiltrated, but suggests there are several more involved. ZD Net speculates the hacks could be related to a credit card security breach that occurred in late March where big banks sent out letter to customers that a security leak may have compromised their information.

According to another message on Pastebin from Reckz posted on the 12th of June, he is retiring from the hacking business, realizing he has no real purpose for his unusual skill. He says he will use his talents for only good purposes from here on out.

Reckz comments on his retired status:

"I've realized that I am doing this shit for nothing."

"I am officially..a whitehat."

"I will use my intelligence for good."

"I've done over 50 large hacks, and leaked many essential information, I am sorry if I harmed you, or affected your families."

"This is my departure from the hacking scene."

In his post from yesterday, he reminds us that of the purpose for his hacks; all in the name of curiosity and challenge. What I have to wonder is whether his latest hack falls in line with his new mission to use his hacking prowess for only good. Perhaps he hopes to reveal to the general public just how antiquated bank security really is.

If he doesn't have any overarching goal or message, and his hacks are just for curiosity sake, he probably should retire. He really doesn't, "fulfill your (our) 'lulz' attention with some excitement & entertainment!", as he suggests.

Visa and Mastercard are most likely very interested (and probably Chase Bank as well), the general public however, doesn't really care. Find something more exciting to do, you bore me Reckz.