Habeas Gives Hand To German Email Marketers

    December 19, 2007

Email reputation service provider Habeas has partnered with eco, the whitelist provider in Germany and the Association of the German Internet industry.Habeas Gives Hand To German Email Marketers

Habeas identifies and certifies email marketers who comply with a set of standards and a code of conduct relevant to the European market. This reduces the time Internet Service Providers (ISPs) spend determining if the sender should be included on a whitelist.

The partnership extends Habeas whitelist services into the European Union’s largest Internet economy and allows German email marketers to reach local audiences and other geographical markets more effectively.

"Email reputation is one of the most important issues facing senders today because it ensures their messages reach the inbox and are read by customers," said Sven Karge, head of the content department at eco.

"Through our partnership with Habeas, we are working to increase the legitimacy of the messages people receive, thereby increasing their trust in the senders."