Habeas Creates Sender Reputation Lists

    May 9, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Habeas Inc. announced the creation of SenderIndex, an email reputation database of over 60 million IP addresses and domains, designed to help authenticate email senders. And it’s free, too.

Collecting email traffic information from some 140,000 servers, the company runs the IP addresses and domains it collects through the Habeas Reputation Engine, a set of automated tests that calculate and update information about each email sender.

Senders are then assigned to one of three lists: the SafeList, the AcceptList, or the BlockList.

Habeas SafeList represents the IP addresses which pass all of the Habeas Reputation Engine tests. Senders on this list have also passed the Habeas Certify email accreditation program – an email practices validation and compliance program that ensures compliant senders send legitimate email. Habeas says receivers can bypass filtering for emails identified by this list and deliver such email directly to recipient inboxes.

Habeas AcceptList represents IP addresses which have passed all of the Habeas Reputation Engine tests and are predicted to be “not bad” senders (e.g. a spammer or phisher) based on their observed behavior, message infrastructure and public reputation. However, these IP addresses have not passed the Habeas Certify email accreditation program. Senders on this list need to be scrutinized before delivery allowance.

Habeas BlockList represents IP addresses which fail the bulk of the Habeas Reputation Engine tests. As these are IP addresses which fail all (or nearly all) the tests, it is highly likely that these senders are undesirable (i.e., these IP addresses appear to be spammers or phishers).

“With SenderIndex, a sender’s reputation goes beyond black and white lists and relies more on the specific data that enables receivers to make informed decisions on effectively managing inbound email,” said Habeas CEO Des Cahill.