Gwyneth Paltrow Reportedly Not Happy About Her Family Being Linked To JLaw Nude Photos

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Actor Gwyneth Paltrow is chiming in on the recent spate of leaked celebrity nude photos, and she’s evidently not happy about it. The 41-year-old Shakespeare In Love star is reportedly irked that her family is being associated with the scandal, since her estranged husband, singer Chris Martin, is rumored to be dating actor Jennifer Lawrence.

Lawrence numbers among the many celebrities whose iCloud accounts were recently hacked. Supposed nude photos of her and other international stars then went viral, causing a scandal that has elicited opinions from other celebrities, including Paltrow herself. According to a source that spoke to British magazine Closer, Paltrow is particularly displeased by the fact that her children with Martin, 10-year-old Apple and eight-year-old Moses, are now being associated with the nude photo scandal.

“Gwyneth, while sympathetic, was naturally not best pleased about the fact her family was being associated with this kind of thing and she made that known to Chris. It's put him in an awkward position. Jennifer was humiliated—the pictures were totally private and never meant for the public. She's terrified how it will affect her career and her people have been in management crisis mode,” said the source.

Paltrow and Martin split amicably in March, famously calling their separation a “conscious uncoupling.” However, the separated couple is reportedly on very good terms. They were spotted going on a family outing on Sunday, September 7 in Los Angeles. Paltrow was wearing a casual ensemble of white micro shorts, a rolled-up shirt and flip-flops, while Martin was wearing cargo pants, trainers and a white shirt with his favorite “Love” badge pinned to it.

Although Martin is currently rumored to be dating Lawrence, he and Paltrow have reportedly remained good friends. They have apparently been on many family outings together since the split and were seen walking and having breakfast together with their children in August. Paltrow also recently nominated Martin for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge after she did hers.

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