Guy Goes to Jail After Pointing Cops to His YouTube Video

    October 27, 2008
    Chris Crum

What you post about yourself online can come back to haunt you. Who doesn’t know this? Well, a motorcyclist in the UK named Sandor Ferenci apparently didn’t until now. He posted videos of himself doing tricks and speeding at 130 miles-per-hour around Banbury, Oxfordshire before being arrested.

The funny thing is, Ferenci may have busted himself. The cops went to him after a motorist saw what he was doing and contacted them with his registration number. It wasn’t until the cops got to his house that Ferenci said, "Is this about the YouTube video?" And the rest is history.


The video was shown in court, and today Ferenci was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail. He is also not allowed to drive for two years, and must take a new driving test before he is allowed to after that. He is reportedly remorseful of his crime after learning about the death of a child as the result of similar behavior.

This is just another example (of which I’m sure we’ll see plenty more) of why you should be careful about what you post online for the world to see. Not only did this guy end up in jail, but his online reputation has been severely damaged, because now not only is his video out there (unless it’s been removed), but people like me and countless others are writing about his story, and a search for his name will no doubt turn up tons of material about this incident.

That’s not going to be good for Ferenci if he wants to go to school or find a job in the future. It’s also an example of people sealing their own fate specifically with YouTube. Remember this guy from last month?

When will they ever learn?