Guy Goes to Jail After Pointing Cops to His YouTube Video

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What you post about yourself online can come back to haunt you. Who doesn’t know this? Well, a motorcyclist in the UK named Sandor Ferenci apparently didn’t until now. He posted videos of himself doing tricks and speeding at 130 miles-per-hour around Banbury, Oxfordshire before being arrested.

The funny thing is, Ferenci may have busted himself. The cops went to him after a motorist saw what he was doing and contacted them with his registration number. It wasn’t until the cops got to his house that Ferenci said, "Is this about the YouTube video?" And the rest is history.


The video was shown in court, and today Ferenci was sentenced to 12 weeks in jail. He is also not allowed to drive for two years, and must take a new driving test before he is allowed to after that. He is reportedly remorseful of his crime after learning about the death of a child as the result of similar behavior.

This is just another example (of which I’m sure we’ll see plenty more) of why you should be careful about what you post online for the world to see. Not only did this guy end up in jail, but his online reputation has been severely damaged, because now not only is his video out there (unless it’s been removed), but people like me and countless others are writing about his story, and a search for his name will no doubt turn up tons of material about this incident.

That’s not going to be good for Ferenci if he wants to go to school or find a job in the future. It’s also an example of people sealing their own fate specifically with YouTube. Remember this guy from last month?

When will they ever learn?

Guy Goes to Jail After Pointing Cops to His YouTube Video
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  • http://www.diamondonnet.com/ Diamonds

    Who ever said ignorance is bliss?  There are consequences to everything you do especially in the internet.  Tsk tsk tsk…

  • http://www.petermonroe.com/2008/10/10/peter-monroe-on-fox/ Peter Monroe

    Some people are silly.  Maybe they do get some "rep" from posting stuff on youtube.  I bet there are a huge number of videos of people getting high… why don’t those people get busted?  Face-scanning anyone?

  • Sandor

     The guy on the bike and pictured above, is me.

  • Guest

    well  in the USA well they haft to prove it is true the USA constitution tells us that and fair trial must be given so they have to prove on tube it was for real  when been wrote the constitution we have and right to resist faults arrest. Then we all have the right to bear fire arms….i was also so to need GUNS from and ungodly take over the USA like the Nazi’s well i think that’s WHAT THEY MAKE AK-47 FOR STAND UP!!!!!!!! in the civa war if you kill 2 and they kill you  you one……….linking said. Don’t you GET IT ??WORLD IT’S TIME TO STAND UP TAKE NO S#$% FROM GOV   OR DICTATESRS NO MORE world  well if you cop’s put one in jail for nothing then the bad guy’s like killers heck i had so meny to tell me jail is and joke ……and gess what your tax $ pay for it …….lol and thay get to stay soct FREE…LOMAO I DID HA HA  hay The guy on the bike take it good show them you DONT CARE FREE MEALS A DAY NO BILLS TO PAY AND ASK FOR MORE TIME((like i did)) STAND UP I DID

  • http://truxter.org TruXter

    We do have a freedom of speech, we also have similar rights to  the news/media. as blogger that is. you are limited to not slander. but that’s about it.


    I call this post bogus.

  • Guest

    Constitution bill of rights go. yep stand up for your rights even if thay try to take them away what can thay do lock all up let the muders go free?. nope no way more world than them we need to stand ((IN ALL)) or HAVE NOTING or do nothing  you want them to tell you can’t have kid’s? i bet the man on the bike had and unfair trail.          no bogus post 

  • http://www.shaanhaider.com Shaan

    Poor Guy

  • http://www.shaanhaider.co.cc Guest

    What a crap? How the hell they can arrest a person like this

  • http://kinglou.com Guest

    As said on the Simpsons

    "Videotaping this crime spree is the best idea we ever had!"

    If you publish video of yourself committing crimes expect them to use that against you in court. It doesn’t matter how cool your crime is. Not a contsitutional matter. Its a dumbass matter.

    • Guest

      LET say SOMEONE  facked and video so and cop can do sometinging. well thats bad i know. SORRY FOR THE GUY ON THE BIKE 

    • Hell’s angel
      If i was you i will drive my bike and the them to kiss it be rude take you time show thim your not and joke ….. and biker and take and stand  jail is not crap i did some  crimes just got out try 12 years i am like the one said you may have faked it  YOU RIDE
  • Shirley

    Well as Forrest Gump would say,

    "Stupid is as Stupid does"   and Stupid DID!


    Dumbass…Serves him right!!

    If you want to drive at high speed, do it, but do it at a RACE TRACK…

    Then you can go as fast as you want, and when you wipe out the Meat chasers will be right there to greet you.

    Hey at least no tickets, no jail!

  • http://intospain.com/ Richie

    I did hear about this one in a pub the other day!

    Unlucky lol

  • Kelsey

    Stand up for good grammer!!

    • http://arseman.com The Willful Obscurist

      It’s ‘grammar’ not ‘grammer’…



  • Guest

    the law  always catches up with you..thats if you don’t catch with them  first you scared of them if you good you can send them home in boxe’s

  • http://robert-seo.blogspot.com Robert

    Forget how dumb this bike rider was… how about some of those comments!  I don’t even understand half of them.

    However, it’s worthwhile pointing out that the cops got to him because someone reported his registration number, not the video.  The video’s were simply used against him after he brought them up.

    Hey, post something in public and it’s going to come back sometime.  Unconstitutional?  I don’t think so.  All those that complained that YouTube shouldn’t have to remove content because it now belongs to the people… well, hahahahah, yeah, and the people are also the law at times.

    I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it.

  • Robert..LOOK

    I do think the  biker  and alot of one’s do not put up with the law even i a look get kiled is that  AND WAR? i think some was saying and good COP IS AND DEAD ONE   

  • http://www.mobilemini.com portable storage

    I’ve got a soft heart for people getting caught doing dumb stuff. Funny thing is he had incriminated himself. Youi have to keep these coming because I had a good laugh.

    • AK-47
      when thay came to look him up and he had and AK-47 and HE kiled them all that would be funny………..like lmao  aka wicked
  • http://sedgwick.jailio.com/ Sedgwick County Jail

    Mental note – if the cops knock on your door, don’t give them a rundown of your illegal online activities right off the bat. Duh.

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