Guy Fakes Mexican Accent for an Entire College Semester, Wins Troll Points

    November 26, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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I think I took Speech 101 back in college. You probably did too. It’s the kind of class that’s required by many majors at most universities – the kind of class that you probably bemoan waking up for every morning, but ends up being a fairly easy credit at the end of the day. I don’t know, maybe my Speech 101 class just sucked.

Jose Barrientos decided to make his low-level course more exciting by pulling an elaborate prank on his classmates. For months, Jose spoke in a “mexican” accent. He even gave all of his required speeches in said accent.

The only thing is that Jose doesn’t really have any such accent. What he does have is patience and dedication to the joke. Check out the prank (complete with the big reveal and reaction) below:

  • jennie allen

    What’s so wonderful about what you did, is that you allowed all of your classmates to challenge their own precoceived ideas. You did it with wonderful humor, in a benevolent, spoon-fed style. You ROCK dude…I only wish everyone could have been there! Thank you for sharing this…I hope it goes viral.

    • Sammi

      Shut up you dumb liberal.

      • underexposed

        you must be some republican assh… 😀

    • underexposed

      I just hope there’s more people in the USA like you. You obviously got the “joke” and the idea behind this gag.

  • Jocelyn

    That’s commitment man. Solid. A whole semester? Shit. It’s hard enough trying to make it through the coursework without worrying about an accent…commitment.

  • Nathan

    Who is the hot blonde in the green top at the end of the video? So cute

    • Jdawg

      That’s Jaqueline Summers. She has a facebook; you could look her up.

    • Jdawg

      That’s Jaqueline Summers. She has a facebook; you could look her up.

  • Denis


    • underexposed


  • Mikey

    Very funnny. Not a great way to make friends though. You should probably get into acting. It must take a lot of patience to run a joke for 4 months!

  • Erin

    so….the donkey stuff wasnt real?
    aww how we laughed.
    well done man

  • http://wenegred.ru Den

    A whole semester? Not a nice idea, but it’s hard enough trying… talented guy…

  • Isaac

    Well done, man.
    “What are you a f*cking detective?”

  • Sammi

    Faking!? I would never guessed it. All the Mexicans where I from showed like they just jumped the border, so when you meet one w/out an accent it’s like you’re not really Mexican.

  • BBB

    Hah that was hilarious. This guy also clearly has a knack for imitation/voices and can switch it on and off. He should consider radio, voice overs (e.g. cartoon market: Seth McFarlane voices a lot of the characters on “Family Guy”), and other jobs along that line.

  • whitelamp84

    so in THEORY…The gay guy at 2:10 is faking it too? Wonder if he’s forcing that accent the entire time too.

  • nick

    Mexican accent? What the f*ck is a Mexican accent? I believe the word you’re looking for is Spanish, you ignorant ass flake.

    • Lee

      Nick, you’re clearly the ignorant one. There are different dialects of Spanish for not only every Spanish-speaking country, but regions within these countries. If you were to have a group of Spanish speakers from Spain, Mexico, and Argentina, you’d notice 3 very different accents.

    • BBB

      I initially reacted like that too but then I watched the video and he’s pretending to be directly from Mexico (watch the pinata part), not just Latin in general. So yeah, his fake accent would then be Mexican. Just like Australians have an Australian accent, Americans have an American accent, etc. they all speak English but the accent is denoted by the country.

    • Chelsie

      Do you speak ‘British’? No. It’s not describing the language, it’s an adjective referring to the accent itself.

    • Alan

      Wow, that’s like saying there isn’t a British, Australian, Scottish, or American accent but only an English accent.

    • Cracker

      Did you just use flake as a derogatory term? Racist prick

    • Jay

      +1 for Lee.