Guy Buys Promoted Tweets to Shame British Airways into Finding His Lost Luggage

    September 3, 2013
    Josh Wolford
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Lost luggage is a huge pain in the ass – we all know the feeling. But it happens. What one British Airways patron couldn’t deal with was the customer service he received after his luggage was lost (or lack thereof).

Twitter user @HVSVN was a little mad at British Airways yesterday evening – a little mad in the sense of paying to promote tweets bashing the airline for their slow customer service response time. So I guess you can say that @HVSVN was pretty mad. Maybe frustrated. Either way, this is how you shame a company in the modern age:

As of last night, @HVSVN wasn’t backing down from his Twitter promotion:

British Airways finally responded to our disgruntled flier early this morning:

From the looks of British Airways’ Twitter account, they’re pretty active on the network when it comes to responding to customers. In the last few hours, British Airways has responded to dozens and dozens of customer complaints. So, is this just a case of one of those complaints being lost in the shuffle?

Even so, it was pretty bad luck for the airline. They picked the wrong luggage to lose, I guess – luggage whose owner was willing to spend a decent amount of money to make his lost luggage Twitter famous.

Image via Twitter

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  • Maureen Lee

    My family flew on AA on August 1st.2013 to London with a connecting flight BA834 to Dublin. BA switched the passengers over to Aer Lingus. When arriving in Dublin on Aer Lingus Flight #165 my husbands luggage was missing and still is.. Come on.. Upon calling BA they informed me that they had the bag put it on the flight but when my husband didn’t get on the flight they took it off. They could not give me any more information.
    Where is the bag??????? HELP!!!!!