GutCheck Revolutionizes Online Marketing with Instant Research Communities


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GutCheck out of Denver, Colorado just made the branding game a lot easier for online advertisers. With the introduction of their Instant Research Communities, marketeers are able to gain access to a plethora of consumer insights almost instantly.

Advertisers can tap into existing communities on their websites, Facebook fan pages, Twitter, and Google Plus. GutCheck recruits and qualifies all the respondents, and gets them from a variety of places, that way you can even make comparisons between fans and the general public.

WebProNews and Abby Johnson were able to catch up with GutCheck CEO Matt Warta for an interview via Skype, and he was able to tell us about Instant Research Communities and how they're helping brands adapt and thrive in the online arena. In the video featured above, Warta explains to Abby how GutCheck is able to cut through the noise of social media, extract the key information, and identify the actionable items. It's helping brands make decisions about advertising in a way that has never possible before.

Back in late March, GutCheck previewed their Instant Research Communities at the the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) 2012 Re:think annual conference in New York. Warta attended the conference and spoke at the kick off of the event.

GutCheck CEO, Matt Warta comments on the company's Instant Research Communities:

"We hear our customers say every week that they want the ability to conduct online market research and get quick feedback from a group of target respondents, with the promise of engagement over time. But these same customers are facing budget and time constraints and traditional communities aren't working for them,"

"GutCheck believes that traditional communities can be much more svelte from both a cost and speed perspective and we think Instant Research Communities are the answer."

Despite GutCheck's innovative methods and real-time feedback, they present a surprisingly affordable solution for those who want to maximize their performance. While there are many other competitors, few can access such a broad perspective in such a short amount of time.