Guides To Google Services

    November 23, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The almighty G has released a number of products and services in its seven-plus years of existence; a couple of sites have made an effort to list the services in one place.

The publishers of the lists on TipMonkies and Stravinsky’s Sizzlin’ Shack need to get together on their Google services lists.

TipMonkies organized theirs alphabetically, but Stravinsky’s has more services listed. Both do a good job of describing the services available. It’s an impressive collection of nifty things Google has made available over the years.

Stravinsky’s would benefit from alphabetizing its list. People tend to follow that type of organization more naturally. The only service Google seems to lack right now is some type of online productivity suite and a place to store documents created online.

Although Google has been collaborating with OpenOffice maker Sun Microsystems, a web-based version of that product doesn’t appear to be in Google’s pipeline yet. Microsoft does plan to make a beta version of Office available online in early 2006.

Called Office Live, the tools will be offered by Microsoft for a fee, though official plans haven’t been announced yet.

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