Guess Who’s Banned By Digg?

    February 19, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Dave Naffziger of Judy’s Book did some testing and found three of Alexa’s top ten sites were website non grata at Digg, with 183 sites banned in total.

It’s no surprise that SEO-related blogs and websites made Naffziger’s list of sites banned by Digg. WebProNews readers have known about the problems faced by Lee Odden and his TopRankBlog, among others. Digg’s hatred of SEO has been manifested in numerous SEO bannings, not all of them undeserved, either.

Who or what has been banned had been a mystery, until Naffziger brought out the magic Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass and took a look. He posted his results after testing the top 10,000 Alexa sites and top 1,000 Blogshares blogs to see what would happen.

Along with several sites categorized as SEO, Naffziger found websites and blogs banned by Digg fell into three other categories:

User Generated Content sites without subdomains. One bad actor on these sites can ruin it for everyone. Popular UGC sites like Myspace, Squidoo, 43Things, Geocities are all banned, whereas sites like Typepad, Blogspot, WordPress do just fine because it is easy to ban one bad actor. If I were Seth Godin, I