Guess How Much Money Google Wants From Oracle

By: Chris Crum - July 9, 2012

Google has demanded that Oracle pay $4 million to cover legal fees incurred during the highly publicized legal battle the two companies endured.

Google wants nearly $3 million to cover “fees for exemplification and the costs of making copies of any materials where the copies are necessarily obtained for use in the case,” and another million for “fees for printed or electronically recorded transcripts necessarily obtained for use in the case,” and “compensation of the court-appointed expert”.

In a court filing obtained by Wired, Google claims to have “collected documents from over 86 custodians” for use in the case, and “delivered to its document vendor over 97 million documents for electronic processing and review”.

97 million documents. It sounds like Kristen Zmrhal, Project Manager of Discovery at Google, who managed Google’s document collection and production for the case, had a pretty enormous task.

A jury sided with Google last month, before a judge ultimately dismissed Oracle’s claim that Google infringed on Oracle’s Java copyrights, ruling that Java API elements are not copyrightable.

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  • Grey Olltwit

    Google is clearly sending a message that they, the current playground big bully, will slap anyone down you intends to bring any kind of legal action against them.

    • Grey Olltwit

      Sorry about the typo, should be ‘who intends’.

      Doesn’t Microsoft, the previously hated playground bully, look positively glowing and friendly these days in comparison? Maybe a thorough check of how Google actually came about and its original, real backers, might reveal this is really a Microsoft born project to take the heat of them.