GTA V Launch Day Isn't Without Shenanigans, Violence


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As gamers across the world tuck into their latest serving of Rockstar's critical and commercial masterpiece, Grand Theft Auto V, which officially hit the stores yesterday. By many accounts, the highly anticipated launch went smoothly enough; although, there were a couple of incidents that made headlines, including the stabbing and robbery of a 23-year old consumer in England. The gamer in question is stable condition; however, the fact that a violent crime was committed against someone who stood in the line to purchase the game at midnight only provides fuel for those who think video games are the nadir of modern society.

The details of the crime, as pointed out by NBC's World News section, come courtesy of London's Metropolitan Police force:

The three males - two boys aged 15 and 16 and an 18-year-old man - are currently in custody at a north London police station. They were arrested on suspicion of robbery in the NW9 area... The victim had been shopping and was on his way home when he was hit with a brick.

He was then stabbed and robbed.

A copy of Grand Theft Auto, a watch and mobile phone were stolen during the robbery.

The motive for the attack is unclear at this stage.

I think the motive was pretty clear here, officers. These assailants didn't want to pay for their copy of GTA V, and so, they followed someone who was by themselves and proceeded to act like lowlife scumbags. Allegedly. Thankfully, the victim looks to be out of danger. Here's hoping Rockstar drops an autographed copy on the guy. He deserves that much, at least.

In other, less violent GTA V launch day news, a group of young adults in New York City posed as police officers in order to cut the line at the GameStop in the Staten Island Mall. Needless to say, their attempted ruse was not successful, and the trio of criminal geniuses was arrested and charged with impersonating a police officer. All for a game that, by most accounts, had plenty of copies for its launch regions.

Even if supply was sufficient enough to meet the demand, that didn't mean folks weren't aching to get their hands on a copy of GTA V. So much so, in fact, that desire almost led to some NCAA violations for the Oklahoma Sooners football team. Just ask Kass Everett, senior defensive back for the Sooners. Yesterday, Everett took to his Twitter account to let the world know just how much he wanted GTA V. This quickly snowballed to the point the Oklahoma compliance officer stepped in. Observe:

The speed bump known as the NCAA didn't stop Everett from acquiring the game, thanks to a female student who really likes the Oklahoma football team:

The same picture also appeared on Everett's tweet stream:

The things we do for video games, and to be apart of the cool trend never ceases to amaze.

[Lead image courtesy of Rockstar]