GTA Online Still Suffering, Rockstar Addresses Complaints

    October 3, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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Since it launched on Tuesday, Grand Theft Auto Online has been spotty at best. The online mode for the mega-hit Grand Theft Auto V was flooded with millions of players, causing servers to clog within minutes of its launch. It’s a safe bet that on launch day a majority of players were either not able to play the multiplayer mode or experienced severe glitches, including locked-up consoles, deleted characters, and missing limbs.

Now, with GTA Online finally beginning to become playable for a majority of gamers, Rockstar provided an update about the game’s status and some info about what it is doing to fix the problems. Though the developer did not issue an outright apology, it did admit that GTA Online has “been a bit less than smooth” for players this week.

A significant fix has been pushed out for PlayStation 3 owners, allowing more than a few of them to access GTA Online at one time. The developer is also working on what it is calling “instability across the GTA Online services.”

Now that more people can access the game, Rockstar has turned to fixing the first mission. When entering GTA Online, players are forced into a tutorial car racing mission and many players have experienced game freezes and other glitches when starting the race. Rockstar stated it will be “unblocking” the mission in some way, though it wasn’t specific on whether players will be able to skip the race.

In the meantime, with all of the troubles plaguing GTA Online, Rockstar has disabled sales for in-game cash. The developer stated that the microtransactions will go on sale again when everybody has access to the game and the service is stable (presumably when players can be guaranteed that their in-game cash won’t simply disappear).

  • Oli

    hi finaly ive managed to play but now all my characters are gone :((((

  • Pissed customer

    Fuck rockstar. Call of duty servers are always fine. Wtf are ya doing? Can’t even get pass that stupid tutorial. I traded in my game back to gamestop to show how much of a rebel I am 😉

  • http://gtavmultiplayer connor

    my multiplayer is still loading for about half and hour so I can not get online can you hurry up and sort the online out please

  • http://gtavmultiplayer connor

    gta online dose not work get it sorted

  • david

    I bought gta v with the thought i could play a cool game with my friend. It turns out rockstar fucked me. Suddenley all the three characters in the game dont get any missions and online the game doenst get any further then the firt race where it gets stuck..

    So rockstar? Quit a over the top name for a game engineer..
    Fix this shit i cant play the of- and online version of your o so great fucking grand suck auto!!

    • Uare Acretin

      “Rockstar f***ed you?” Really? White whine. How about you settle down and spend a little more time learning some perspective and a little less time coming up with comedic gems like “Grand suck auto.”

  • Dutton

    Online is fucking awful!!! Constantly being kicked out of game and when I finally get in game I never know if it’s gonna even be my character! Sort it out rockstar you bunch of arseholes. Your happy to take our money but not too quick to fix your fuck ups!!!

  • pissed off customer

    Its a fucking joke I have been playing online and reached level 10 then lost connection when I signed back in I have lost character this has happened twice what a fucking waste of my time and effort now I can’t even get back online pull ya finger out your arses rock star and sort it out

  • killidphia39

    only problem i have every time i rank up my character the day after its gone,and i have to start over again !!!!three fuckin times!!!!

  • Kevin Taylor

    I’ve played GTAIV for about 5 years…. majorly learned how to do the helicopter battles at the airport and totally enjoyed just signing on and trying to grab a helicopter, get even with the asshole who’s dominating the airport and then fly around doing stunts and shit.

    GTAV….. I sign on yesterday and spend literally hours, robbing convenience stores, just to get some money. I’m not interested in missions or crews or any of that crap. I just want to go to the airport and battle some guys who have spent years learning this game.

    But what do we get instead…. aircraft that pitch and roll automatically….. an online experience that forces you to make 2 million dollars just to get a Buzzard helicopter.

    I’m online now… and just sitting in my car. Hit the gas every once in awhile just so I don’t get kicked out……… BORING!!!!!!

    I’ve been forced to restart so I’m supposed to do that whole race thing again… fuck that.


  • Chenoa

    My son has the xbox 360 with a 4GB storage. We brought GTAV at the midnight launch. We brought a USB with 64GB which is compatible for the xbox 360 and haven’t had a problem until we went online. It has since crashed and says that the USB is corrupted after a week of using it. My son has brought a house, vehicles and has created a very developed character. I put the USB in the computer to check it and after all checks, sys that its working fine. It is very upsetting to see what he has created is lost now due to the crashes and glitches of the online game. How can I fix this? Does anyone know? And how will he get back everything that he has lost? The game won’t load past the intro and restarts itself every time.

  • Marley

    Why the fuck has all my vehicles gone all fuckin 5,000,000 dollars to waste soo PISSED off right now!!!!!!!!

    • Ana

      i understand your pain ;'(

  • http://rockstar lekendric

    Wtf all my shit gone my cars 500,000 and my all my my levels I went from a level 37 to 60 an it fucking gone I’m mad ass shit

  • ari

    i cant play online unless i start again from rank 1 and create my character again, wich i refuse to do, if rockstar doesn’t get me back to rank 26 where I earned to be, then Im done playing this stupid game, no way will i start over its not worth it, Ive wasted enough of my time and life for this game and now it was all for nothing.

  • sam little

    i just bought a cheetah for 650,000. i used it for a bit, then went to play a race, and it was gone, not in mechanics, not inpounded by the police, its no where and my 650,000 is also gone.

  • Felix

    Every single time I try to play GTA online I get kicked and it’s not because my Internet. Is says I’ve been kicked by other players but I feel as if it’s impossible for every game I try to hop into l kicked by another player. But if so I would like if rockstar were to take that feature out the game so that I could play online

  • Ana

    so not i spent 1,000,000 on this car and thanks to the shitty glitches my car is gone……great