Grumpy Cat Appears on American Idol; Is This A New Low for the Show?

By: Erika Watts - April 26, 2014

Pretty much everyone knows that American Idol has experienced a significant drop off in ratings in recent years. With so many changes in the judging panel, being on the air for so long, and being upstaged by newer reality competition shows, the decreasing interest doesn’t come as much of a surprise. What might surprise you, however, is that Idol is apparently so desperate for a ratings boost that Grumpy Cat was a guest star on the show on Wednesday.

Yes, Grumpy Cat. The scowling feline that has popped up in our Facebook and Twitter feeds more times than we can count appeared on the American Idol Top 6 episode and stole the show (which probably wasn’t much of an accomplishment). We expect stunts like this on finale, but during the regular season? Not so much.

Even if the appearance by Grumpy Cat–who is known as Tardar Sauce by her owners and has a movie in the making–came as a bit of a head scratcher, it looks like the Idol judges had fun with it:

Check out a video of Grumpy Cat during the Top 6 episode–she certainly gives Simon Cowell a run for his money with that scowl.

Naturally, Randy Jackson had to crack a joke about Grumpy Cat. “The Dawg holding the cat! I love cats!” Jackson exclaimed. Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick, Jr. also did impersonations of the cat.

While some people loved seeing Grumpy Cat on Idol, others were a little confused:

Top 6 Recap

Grumpy Cat’s appearance aside, the theme for Top 6 week was “A Little Bit Country and a Little Bit Rock ‘n’ Roll.” Some performances that night include Jena Irene’s rendition of Barracuda and C.J. Harris singing American Woman. Unfortunately for Harris, his performance wasn’t enough to get him into the Top 5, as it was announced on Thursday night that he received the fewest votes.

See the moment where Ryan Seacrest announces that Harris is eliminated below.

Image via Facebook

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  • aisuxx14

    A new low for the show? Are you kidding, it was the highlight of the entire season. I watched two episodes, The winner is obvious now end this show please.

  • Sophie Anne Spencer

    Most definitely a new HIGH for the show…..

  • grammy

    Sorry, if you didn’t like this…tough…Is an adorable cat and anything that makes people SMILE really isn’t for you to decide…Love Idol even though, yes, has changed over the format and judges…look forward to Wed. and Thurs nights and then the live concerts each yr. Take the grandkids and we all ENJOY…and smile!! Grumpy Cat probably has made a lot of people smile….it’s contagious…

    • Anthony Millsaps

      @grammy I couldn’t agree more. Bringing on Grumpy Cat as I said was a stroke of genius. I’m a huge proponent of anything that can make people smile, laugh and entertain as well. I hope Idol does more fun stuff like this thru this season and future seasons. This season has been light hearted, funny and fresh compaired to previous seasons while good, but got stale and boring in recent years. The new Idol producers have infused some fun and out of the box ideas that have worked IMO

  • Anthony Millsaps

    Grumpy Cat is AWESOME! I thought is was so cute to bring her on the show. People easily forget that this is a family show and bringing on this adorable cat was a stroke of genius. I like that American Idol isn’t trying to be all business every week.

    • Tiff

      I agree…I LUV’D Grumpy Cat!!! Sooo much that I want one!!!

  • Dee

    Thought it was fun. I happen to love American Idol and they still have millions and millions of people that love the show. Love the judges this year especially Keith a Urban.

  • Mac Boy

    The only “LOW” for Idol is having to listen to no-talent, has-been DJ Seacrest
    stumble his way through each show ……………..