Groupon Personalized Deals Will Be Huge for Customers, Businesses

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Groupon, the service that provides daily deals that save customers money, is getting a lot of attention these days. Now, they'll be getting much more. Late yesterday, the company announced a big feature in Personalized Deals. Today, they have released an FAQ for those.

"Personalized Deals is the biggest thing we’ve done since we launched Groupon," the company says. "While Groupon won't look much different, sending different deals to different users transforms Groupon in four big ways."

If you thought Groupon was getting big, this feature might be the ticket to making it a household name. Along with the launch of an Android app last week, Personalized Deals is likely going to put Groupon on a lot more people's mobile devices.

Learn How Groupon Works! from The Point on Vimeo.

As a result of the Personalized Deals feature, users will start getting offers from a growing number of businesses, which are tailored to their location, preferences, and buying patterns.

"Groupon has become so popular with merchants that we can’t keep up with demand," Groupon says. "Over 35,000 merchants are queued to be featured on Groupon, and with 97% of our merchants wanting to be featured again, that list is only going to get longer. As a response to unmet demand, Groupon has become one of the most prolifically copied websites in the history of the Internet, with over 500 worldwide Groupon knockoffs appearing in the last 12 months."

There's no question that the Personalized Deals feature is going to continue to attract businesses to Groupon. Customers have more of a reason than ever to use the service.

Chris Crum
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