Groundhog Day 2014: Shadow or No Shadow?


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Well thanks to that pesky polar vortex, many of us are more than aware that we are in the grips of a horrible winter season. There's been snow, freezing wind, and icy roads. Then there is the depressingly low temperatures to contend with.

This pattern has been rinsed and repeated for the past few weeks and plenty of us are sick of it and wanting a straight answer....Is the worst over or are we going to have to put up with several more weeks of the same?

During this time of the year, Americans turn to that one furry source of comfort that is said to know for sure: Punxsutawney Phil, the famous weather-predicting groundhog.

Groundhog Day, which occurs on the 2nd of February each year, originates from a tradition that holds that the groundhog and hibernating animals like it can correctly guess whether or not there will be an early spring.

Legend has it that should the animal emerge and see its shadow, this indicates six more weeks of bad weather. After seeing its shadow, the groundhog returns to continue hibernating. If for whatever reason the groundhog's shadow is not visible, the animal takes it as a sign of early spring. This also means that winter is pretty much over.

The tradition began back in the year 1886 and continues 128 years later.

Now, Groundhog Day is a fun little tradition on its own, but what many people are looking forward to is spending it watching the Bill Murray comedy that revolves around the tradition combined with a strange and extreme case of deja vu.

The Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks will also be doing their part to make it a special holiday, as the Superbowl is set to occur on Groundhog Day.

So whether you're watching for groundhog shadows, watching a movie classic, or watching an exciting football showdown, this weekend promises to be a very exciting affair.

What are you more excited about: "Groundhog Day" or The Superbowl? Be sure to share your thoughts and predictions regarding the game and whether you think Phil will see his shadow this year!

Image via Wikimedia Commons