Greta Van Susteren Says Jon Stewart Is Smart, Clever, Not Always Right

    May 7, 2014
    Amanda Crum
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Greta Van Susteren took to her blog this week to address a recent episode of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, saying that although she thinks he’s a smart guy, he’s not always right.

Stewart’s take on Fox News–specifically their opinion on Benghazi intelligence failures under President Obama’s rule versus those that occurred when George W. Bush was in office–led to Susteren calling him out, saying that “two wrongs don’t make a right”.

“Last night Jon Stewart opened his show with a segment about Fox News Channel’s aggressive coverage of Benghazi. Stewart’s criticism of Fox News Channel is that Fox News Channel is more aggressive about President Obama and Benghazi than it ever was about President Bush and Iraq. Besides the obvious — that almost all the Democrats in Congress voted for the war in Iraq and other media reporting – my simple note to Stewart is: 2 wrongs don’t make a right,” she wrote.

Stewart will often call out Fox News for their choice of coverage, particularly when he feels the anchors are being a bit hypocritical in their outrage.

“I commend you for finally getting in touch with your inner outrage. Because if I remember correctly, in the previous decade it was an emotion you did not seem comfortable addressing or expressing,” he said.

Van Susteren’s response has triggered a reaction on social media, particularly on Twitter.

As of Wednesday, Stewart has yet to respond.

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  • alainny

    The dems can excuse away the president’s malfeasance with a silly tit for tat argument. “You didn’t berate Bush, therefore you should not dare to berate Obama.” The real argument is not whether Fox covered the Bush story in the past, it is, what is happening now — the Bengazi story with the phony video, the coverup, and the betrayal of the now dead Americans. That’s the story, and the Dems refuse to discuss it, and they play a tit-for-tat game instead looking for the truth as to what happened.

    • Tom

      nothing worse than the Bush clan feeding us garbage trying to justify Iraq war.

    • Jonathan Gantz

      what do you mean its not a valid criticism?

      If Fox news doesnt have a problem with Bush doing the same thing (“lying”) but with worse results (Invading a foreign nation, Expensive long war, Deaths of hundreds if not more) then why should they act so outraged over this?

      Its not “two wrongs dont make a right”. Its “Its freaking obvious that the only reason you are making a fuss is because you have a political agenda to attack The President and any people with the same ideologies for the sake of your boss and your fans”

      But it doesnt surprise me at all. The huge deal that President-critics gave about the fact that a website created by someone else entirely happened to be a little buggy and confusing. I mean…people act like the President is the anti-christ and going to destroy America….when all he’s done is fight a war someone else started and tried to solve problems that should have been solved long ago.

      Eitherway the entire comment of “two wrongs dont make a right”….psh. Basically “Nuh uh. No backsies”
      If she had a legitimate opinion then she should have refuted his claim.
      But she’s just postering and giving a big “Nuh!Uh!”

  • Michael

    “No unanswered questions on Benghazi”?

    Tim, seriously. What color is the KoolAid in your Utopia?

    And I doubt you are a family member of any of the four dead men.

  • rcpush

    Jon Stewart is about as sharp as a bowling ball. His audience is primarily made up of low information viewers, who either can’t understand real news or cannot focus their attention long enough to engage in formative subjects. They just sit in front of their televisions and wait for some inane or slapstick remark. I have given his show several tries, just in case there is something I’m not getting, but I always get board after two or three minutes and move on to another channel. Greta is smart, savvy, and light years ahead of Mr. Stewart.

    • Green Glory

      rcpush , With all due respect, let me ask you something. If somebody gave you undisputable proof that FOX News is not a news station, but a Corporation’s company website that has sued for the right to tell lies under freedom of speech, and they won, so that is why they can except money from people like the Koch Brothers to tell viewers whatever they want. Would you still defend the opinions of FOX Anchors ? I think you would, but here is the proof anyway, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDKLFn0pty4

  • $337172

    Only real morons are enamored by Jon Stewart. He isn’t clever. He isn’t very bright. He isn’t even funny. He is just an actor who lampoons on behalf of the Left.

  • Green Glory

    I hope that the smart FOX News Viewers find the maturity to put their stubborn egos aside, and except the fact that the people at FOX News are paid a lot of money create a conspiracy theory, where there is no other unturned stone. The clue is that nobody can deny that FOX News is run and represented by people who do not like having a Black President. Here is a link that may clear things up for them . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDKLFn0pty4

  • john

    john atewart is nothing but a worthless agent of the same intelligence agency that shoved tth kenyan into the white house . just pure garbage

  • Jonathan Gantz

    Its not “two wrongs dont make a right”. Its “Its freaking obvious that
    the only reason you are making a fuss is because you have a political
    agenda to attack The President and any people with the same ideologies
    for the sake of your boss and your fans”

    basically the political agenda of this organization that pretends to give fair and balanced news is EXTREMELY obvious. Because of their hypocrisy.
    Stewart isnt defending the regime.
    He is saying that they will mindlessly attack the people their company is designed to fight pretending to use morals and logic they themselves do not abide by.