Greta Van Susteren Launches New Podcast, Secures Tahmooressi Interview

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Greta Van Susteren has launched a new podcast called Greta Talk, and her aim is to bring in-depth news stories to those who are working out.

“Listeners get to learn more, plus have something to listen to during 18 minute workouts," she said during a recent interview.

Van Susteran's podcast has just emerged on iTunes, but has already seen five impressive guests. Greta Talk has included interviews with Joe Trippi, Maj. Gen. Bob Scales, Ted Williams, Byron York, and Lt. Col. Oliver North.

“I love cable news but there is so much more to our newsmakers and guests than you see during a three-minute TV segment or even one-hour news show. This platform allows me to expand the content of On the Record at 7 p.m.," Van Susteren said.

In other Greta Van Susteren news, the Fox News host has finally secured a new Twitter handle--@greta--something she has tried for years to acquire. Since 2008 she was known on Twitter as @GretaWire. She has more than 480,000 followers. Hopefully a good number of those followers will check out her new Greta Talk.

Greta Van Susteren has within the past few hours secured an exclusive interview with Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the retired Marine who was released Friday after spending 214 days in a Mexican prison. Fox News says Tahmooressi's "first and only interview" will be with Van Susteran. She interviewed him by phone while he was imprisoned, and spoke frequently with his mother and some of his friends.

No specific date has yet been given for the interview, but Fox says it will take place this week during Off the Record.

Between Off the Record and Greta Talk, it seems Greta Van Susteren has her finger firmly planted on the pulse of both U.S. and world news. Will you check out her new podcast--maybe while working out? Do you expect to learn lots more about the former plight of Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi's captivity in Mexico following Greta's interview with him this week?

Kimberly Ripley
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