Green Scrapbook: The Year In Environment-Friendly Search Trends

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Going green was a pretty sexy topic in 2011 and lots of people got down with the movement. Some people chose to raise chickens in their back yard. Some may have started taking recycling more seriously. Maybe there were even some folks that got ambitious and erected an entire football field's worth of wind turbines so they could generate enough energy to play a single hour of Arkham City. At any rate, being green was keen in 2011 and now, in the twilight of the year, Google's Green Team has offered people a way to look back in fondness of some of their favorite environmentally-friendly trends over the past year.

Green Scrapbook works off of Zeitgeist, Google's year-end feature that highlights the most popular search trends of the past twelve months, and the numerous popular searches tied to environmentalism. Within Green Scrapbook, users can find out information about the green topics that occupied people's interests over the year and compile a virtual scrapbook of some of the subjects that catch their attention. Google provided a video that highlights some of the environmentally attached topics people searched for this year.

Basically, users can fill in a template containing seven general topics like "I never would've guessed that..." and "If I could save one animal, I'd save..." and then select subjects within those topics that will reveal some of the environmentally-themed searches from the past year.

By dragging one of the environmentally-related search topics to the center circle, you can reveal the answer to your environmental inquiry of choice. For example, you wanna know more about raising chickens in your backyard.

Once you compile your environmental interests into your scrapbook, you can learn more about those subjects by clicking on the link inside the info blurb to perform a Google search or, if you really must, subject this scrapbook to your friends who are really dying to know about your green leanings.

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to have a greener year, this could be a great resource for getting started. If that Mayan calendar prediction of the world going to complete apocalyptic hell in 2012 turns out to be true, having a Green Scrapbook would also easily double as a handy survival guide. At any rate, more information can be found on Google's announcement that was Google+Blog%29">posted on their blog.