Great Blogging Power, Great Responsibility

    January 3, 2007

Globe and Mail journalist and author, Hal Niedzviecki, takes an interesting look at the impact bloggers are having on the lives of, wellnon-bloggers.

It appears, like Hal, more and more people are waking up to the fact that they’re being discussed online and that even conversations that take place outside of the web, are fair game on a blog.

It’s a refreshing perspective – hearing from someone who’s only just discovering that bloggers tend to be critical, honest and often, insensitive

reading about yourself on a blog feels vaguely wrong, like you’ve dropped in uninvited and caught someone vacuuming in their underwear. It’s like hearing through the grapevine that someone is talking behind your back. Do you really want to know what they’re saying? For someone engaged in the very public act of culture creation, searching the blogs for your name forces you to confront how you, as a member of the professional creative ranks, as someone who believes in a diversity of opinions and the importance of free speech and daily acts of creativity, should respond to the blog.

There’s also an important reminder for all bloggers – remember, you’re talking about a human being, with real feelings

I’d like to ask one thing from the blogger at large. When tossing out those five-times-daily updates, please pause to consider both your reputation and the fragile ego of the artist.

Not your normal take on blogging, but I enjoyed reading the perspective of someone who just lost his “blog criticism” virginity.



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