Grand Theft Auto V "Official" Trailer Released


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For years now, developer Rockstar has been sparing with its Grand Theft Auto V trailers. The game was first announced back in 2011 along with a fairly vague teaser. Another look at the game came last fall and introduced the main characters. Now, within the past two months gamers have learned about GTA V's gameplay, cars, and an ambitious multiplayer mode dubbed Grand Theft Auto Online.

Though it might seem like a too much to take in after such a long wait, Rockstar has still managed to keep the hype up and make each announcement about GTA V an event. Today is no exception.

Rockstar today released the "official" trailer for Grand Theft Auto V. There will no doubt be other videos released in the run-up to the game's September 17 released date, but this is the one that will be probably be seen in movie theaters and before YouTube videos in the coming weeks. It succinctly teases the story of Michael, a retired criminal drawn back into the game by circumstances beyond his control. The rest of the trailer makes the game seem like the best heist-movie simulator ever made: