'Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" For Mobile Gets a New Trailer


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It's been nearly a decade since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was released for PlayStation 2, but Rockstar Games today is highlighting the game in a brand new trailer.

The video comes just as San Andreas is now available for iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle platforms. Gamers can now experience what many consider to be the best GTA game on their mobile devices. The app costs $7 through Apple's App Store, Google Play, or the Amazon Appstore.

The mobile version of San Andreas isn't simply a straight port of the original version. Rockstar has added improved visuals, character models, and lighting to make the game look better on HD screens. The controls have also been changed significantly to deal with the problem of mobile touch-based interfaces with context-sensitive actions, three weapon aim options (auto, free, and touch targeting), and what Rockstar is calling dual analog stick controls. Luckily, support for real Bluetooth mobile controllers is also included.

Much of these improvements are demonstrated in the new trailer, which provides an overview of main character CJ and the crazy situations and characters he encounters throughout San Andreas: