'Grand Theft Auto V' Manual Coming as a Mobile App


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Older gamers will remember the days of game manuals. Video games used to come with colorful manuals filled with art and tips for playing those games. That time has long since past. Gamers today who buy physical media might consider themselves lucky to get a six-page insert inside a game case. Only a few publisher still provide extensive manuals. With this in mind, developer Rockstar Games today announced that it is releasing a manual for Grand Theft Auto V - in app form.

Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual will be a free download on the Apple App Store later today (and will be coming to Android, Windows Phone, and desktop PCs "soon"). According to Rockstar's blog post, the manual will have over 100 digital pages covering classic subjects such as GTAV's controls, features, and developer credits. The manual will also cover all the shops, mini-games, and locations found across the game's sprawling game map.

Speaking of game map, the GTAV manual will also have an interactive version of of the game's map. Los Santos and Blaine County can be viewed with a Google Maps-style overlay showing many points of interest that can be zoomed-in on for more information.

Rockstar's other GTAV mobile app, titled "iFruit," was released for iOS earlier today. That app is the developer's stab at creating a second-screen experience for consumers. It allows gamers to customize their vehicles and care for GTAV character Franklin's dog Chop, which provides benefits to players in the full game.