goWholesale Provides DollarDays with Higher Conversion Rates and ROI

    April 7, 2005

Vertical search engines such as goWholesale are delivering on the promise of generating higher quality traffic with a better ROI through Pay Per Click advertising.

Through its comprehensive tracking and analysis, DollarDays International, a premier Internet-based product wholesaler of retail goods to small businesses and local distributors, has found its PPC advertising campaigns on vertical search engine goWholesale, consistently generate higher increase in its core customer base of small retailers and demonstrate higher ROI (Return on Investment) than all search engines.

PPC search engine advertising has generated the best ROI of all advertising channels, and marketing dollars allocated to PPC advertising on goWholesale consistently lead to new transacting customers on a daily basis. goWholesale provides DollarDays with the higher conversion rates than other search engines which is significant as it directly increase the overall sales for the company.

goWholesale is an important PPC search engine connecting wholesale buyers with to DollarDays,” said Marc Joseph, president of DollarDays and author of “The Secrets of RetailingHow to Beat Wal-Mart.” “We have seen a significant increase in conversions since launching our goWholesale PPC campaign.”

The quality of traffic from goWholesale is targeted and demonstrates ongoing value in growing a long-term customer base for DollarDays. As an industry specific search engine, goWholesale targets DollarDays’s core customer group of independent stores and other small businesses that seek a consistent supply of wholesale inventory. In fact, a high percentage of new customers acquired through goWholesale become repeat customers of DollarDays.

“We have helped our clients achieve a high ROI in acquiring new business customers using PPC search engine Internet marketing,” said Asad Haroon, General Manager of goWholesale. “As goWholesale continues to grow, the benefits to DollarDays and other clients will continue to reflect an increased transacting customers, overall sales, and brand awareness.”

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