Government Shutdown Woes and Orgasmic Release

    October 17, 2013
    Nanette Haz
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The politicians handling the Government Shutdown have come to an agreement to solve the nations numerous economic problems. After 16 long days of  uncertainty president Obama has signed a bill to avoid default and officially end the Shutdown. Thousands of employees who work for different government agencies are waiting to find out when they can return to work. Being away from professional duties has created a great deal of stress and problems caused from not being able work.

In spite of the financial problems and inconvenience  created by the shut down American government workers are  now worried about how they are going to bounce back during this horrible time of uncertainty. Many workers no longer feel that their government job is  secure. Free vibrators are being offered from Vibrators.com.  A product specialist who works for Vibrators.com stated,  “We feel bad for the federal employees affected by the shutdown”.

Is achieving an orgasm really the best way to solve the massive problems created by the Government Shutdown ?

Feeling better and maintaining a positive outlook when there is so much uncertainty financially is not  easy.  Having an orgasm is a proven way to feel better.  “It can improve a depressed mood,  Not clinical depression but the ‘blue funk’ days.” according to sex therapist Kathleen Segraves, PhD at Metrohealth Medical Center and associate professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University.

Feeling better despite what is going on, is key to finding other alternatives to solve financial, personal, or displacement problems. Some of these issues were  caused or made worse from being thrust out of work temporarily. Perhaps a daily orgasm is just what is needed to get the brain moving in another direction to solve problems.

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  • Wow

    Yes, all this stuff is probably very accurate. Yet, you are talking about the United States — the most sexually repressed nation in the world. We still have states where the only legal way to have sex is the missionary position — not joking either.

    Why do you think people here sexually act out so much? It is because we do not have a healthy attitude towards sex.

    In the end, we only fool ourselves. What people say they are doing and what they actually are doing is two totally different things. You just have to look at internet usage, divorces, porn use, sexting, porn creation, the sex industry, and the adult entertainment industry to see this fact.

    Trying to get Americans to think rationally and in a healthy manner about sex is not possible. Over 200 years of our existence has proven that.

    • mart

      This is so true! here in Britain we have always seen Americans as being Anally Retentive about all things sexual, where as here, we just get on with it.