Got Any Multimedia SERPs? GoFish

    September 9, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

A new search engine from GoFish Technologies will retrieve web and multimedia content with one search.

The SearchWebMedia web site, powered by GoFish Technologies, will debut on September 12. The company claims it will be the first search engine that brings back web and multimedia results from a single query.

A test of the site by searching for rapper 50 Cent retrieved results in two separate boxes. Atop the page is a new query form, and below it is the multimedia search result box. Within that box, the site uses Ajax coding to provide in-page results when one clicks on the Albums or Tracks menu item. Another result, Playlists, shows user-created lists of tracks.

Clicking on a track’s price in a playlist retrieves a new box, with links to several music services where the track can be purchased, like Musicmatch, iTunes, and MSN Music. Links to subscription services that contain the track, like Napster, also appear.

Web results from Google appear below the multimedia result box. It’s a typical list of Google search result pages, with 50’s official site at Sony being the top link listed there, in our test.

The SearchWebMedia site says it is powered by the GoFish Technologies API. GoFish allows users to submit playlists and browse those created by other users. That site also offers ringtones, songs, and other media for sale online.

David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business. Email him here.