Got AdWords Ideas? Checkout the AdWords Wishlist

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Last week, Google used its Google Moderator product to call upon users to give them ideas for improving Google Mobile. It allowed people to submit ideas and vote others up or down. This would give Google an idea of the ones that were most in demand.

Google Mobile Product Ideas Page

When I reported on that, some of the top ideas included:

– Cache map data for Google Maps for a small area around a person’s current location

– Manage Google Calendar on Google Mobile

– A "Google Product Ideas" page for all Google services, and

– An application that speaks the driving directions in Google maps

Well, it seems that third one may have struck a chord with the company if it wasn’t already in the cards to begin with, because they have now launched a similar page for AdWords. Barry Schwartz reports at Search Engine Roundtable:

A AdWords Help thread has AdWordsPro Sarah suggesting that one advertiser go to the "AdWords Wish List" at http://moderator.appspot.com/#15/e=de65&t=e52c and submit and vote of feature requests.

Looking at Google Moderator versus the Google Product Ideas site, it is the same thing, just with a custom URL. So, it seems like Google product lines are starting to migrate their feature request lists to Google Moderator, some getting custom URLs, so that users can vote on which ones they want to use.

So far, top ideas on the AdWords Wish List include:

– When creating a campaign, allow users to select whether it is keyword focused or content network focused; don’t allow users to create single campaigns that are both keyword and content network enabled, by default.

– To be able to set different bids on Search Partners for my adwords campaigns!

– Make AdWords quality score show by default. Many advertisers don’t know their Quality Score and don’t investigate their QS until they have a problem.

– Accounts should be noted when under review.

– Placement Campaigns — Create a "placement finding" tool that works similarly to the Keyword Tool option. Where you simply click on your best placements and variations appear.

We’ll see if similar pages continue to pop up for other Google services. The company is always looking for feedback and to improve its products, so I don’t see what would stop it from having pages for each one.

Got AdWords Ideas? Checkout the AdWords Wishlist
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  • Justin

    Not sure if it’s any use but wer recenlty published this report covering the differences between Adwords PC & Adwords Mobile. It’s free and quite extensive. Might help to form some ideas for users..


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