Gorilla Glass 2 Coming To A TV New You


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Corning has announced that they will be unveiling the next generation of their famed Gorilla Glass at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place at the end of January. The company announced that they would have a booth showcasing Gorilla Glass 2 at the Las Vegas conference.

Gorilla Glass is specially formulated to be extremely strong and durable, resisting damage ranging from scrapes, scratches, and bumps to drops. It is currently used in a wide variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and even some TVs. One of its more famous implementations is in Apple’s iPhone. Both the front and rear faces of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are made with Gorilla Glass.

Though Corning’s announcement is light on details about how Gorilla Glass 2 differs from its predecessor, the statement does say that the company has started to focus on far more large-scale implementations of the glass. Examples cited in Corning’s press release include interior automobile surfaces, kitchen appliances, and an 82-inch multitouch LCD display that will serve as the centerpiece of Corning’s CES booth.

There is no information in the press release about when Gorilla Glass 2 will start making its way into consumer products, but given the timing, we should perhaps not be surprised to find it making its way into the next generation of Apple’s iOS devices - the iPhone 6 at least, if not the iPad 3.

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