Gordon Ramsay is the Highest Earning Chef in the United States

    July 19, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Gordon Ramsay, the star of the insanely popular and extremely entertaining television programs “Hell’s Kitchen”, “Master Chef”, and “Kitchen Nightmares”, has been deemed the highest earning chef in the United States, according to Forbes. In addition to his numerous televised endeavors, Ramsay has opened numerous restaurants, released countless cookbooks, and has received a whopping 11 Michelin stars. The chef’s estimated global income: $38 million. From where I’m seated, the guy has earned every single penny he’s made.

Nipping at his heels is the always-bubbly Rachael Ray, who managed to snag $25 million in just twelve months. Ray, too, has a number of accomplishments under her belt, including a daytime chat show, a well-circulated magazine, and several best-selling cookbooks. Although she’s in the number two spot this year, $25 million is nothing to complain about. Her empire is doing quite well, especially when you stop to consider she’s selling “garbage bowls” to suburban housewives. If she can make a mint off of such ridiculous items, I say go for it, girl.

Also on this year’s list is Wolfgang Puck, who netted a cool $20 million from his 20 restaurants and various business endeavors. Paula Deen, who was recently criticized for hiding her Type 2 Diabetes from the public eye, managed to rake in $17 million from her restaurants, cookbooks, and merchandise. Rounding out the top five is Mario Batali, star of “The Chew” and owner of over a dozen eateries. He managed to grab $13 million from his various ventures.

“They are very diversified,” Forbe’s Dorothy Pomerantz explaiined. “There is nobody who just has restaurants. TV is a huge factor in making this list because they make so much more money from television than they can from their restaurants.”

For a complete list of the top-earning chefs and restaurants in the United States, then have a look at the original Forbes article. As always, it’s definitely an interesting read, particularly if you’re obsessed with celebrity food moguls and their ilk.

  • Lin

    Gordon Ramsey has earned every penny of his fortune and I hope his tv productions stick around for a very long time!He is the King of the kitchen!!!

  • John

    Correct you are Lin. The rash of imitators that have risen, just shows how influential and popular the show is. Plus it has saved me a ton of money because eating out will never be what it used to be, after watching Kitchen Nightmares.

  • Ruth

    Don’t watch Chef Ramsey, he is obnoxious, rude, insensitive, and don’t care how much he earns, or how many restaurants he has, no reason for him to be such an S.O.B. There are more people out there that can’t stand him, than like him.. I don’t have his cook books either.

  • http://yahoo Bob

    first off…he isnt paid to be a chef..he is a TV personality…he does cook he doesnt manage his own resurtants..he doesnt over see any staff at any eatery..so why is he still called a chef…he is if he cooks..not if he doesnt…he just like all these damn Judges that get paid out lthe ass for a scripted show…we are all so damned gullable..

  • Tony Mirenda

    If they gave away awards to people for being obnoxious loudmouths this limey bastard(no offenses to the English)wouold take the gold home-he does a disservice to our industry by making everyone a critic-you can go straight to hell Gordon-go bugger off under a rock somewhere….

  • jeigh

    Hey Gordon, come on down to Louisiana. We have a few chefs down here that can teach you a thing or two about food prep.