Gordon Brown Using YouTube For Question Time

By: Mike Sachoff - May 19, 2008

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is using the Downing Street YouTube channel to answers questions from British citizens.

The new initiative called "Ask the PM" will be a regular event according to the prime minister. Participation is limited to UK residents only. Users can submit video questions on any subject and Brown will respond to the questions that receive the most votes at the end of June.

In an introductory video Brown says,"Politicians get a chance in prime minister’s question time and other question times – I think it’s time the public had a chance."

Brown was the opening speaker at Google’s London conference where he spoke about the role of technology in reducing crime and offering people better access to education and healthcare services.

"My aim is to ensure we utilize all the innovation at our disposal to improve public services in this country and to give more power to those who use them," he said.

The prime minister promised to move forward with electronic school report cards, online GP appointment booking, neighborhood "crime mapping" and video identification of suspects.

Brown hopes that by using YouTube he will able to reconnect with younger voters while giving the public a chance to communicate the issues that concern them most.

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  • sam winterflood

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    i think its sad that people see the need to put 1,000s of pounds into private transport when public transport is available and should be made more use of. the very suggested norm of privately own cars should be tackled as a possiblity for a new age of public transport. an interesting idea for introducing more young people back to public transport would be a readily available discount for those who do not own a car. to really see the needs of young people and cars though is the poor availablity of public transport at night when most services in partially rural – rural areas close. to introduce late buses and heavily advertise them would go some way into supplying to the demand of a 24 – hour economy.