GoPro Is Going to Make Its Own Drones

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There's likely quite a bit of overlap when it comes to GoPro enthusiasts and drone enthusiasts – and strapping a GoPro to a drone is a great way to get tricky aerial shots. I guess it makes sense that the makers of the former would want to cut out the middleman and just develop their own versions of the latter.

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal wherein they quote the ubiquitous 'sources familiar with the matter', GoPro is currently developing its own consumer drones,

GoPro's new drones would come equipped with some version of their incredibly popular, famously durable cameras and will cost somewhere between $500 and $1,000.

The company didn't exactly confirm its plans to the WSJ, but it did hint that it was interested and even invested in drone technology. From the WSJ:

In an email, a GoPro spokesman said the company’s users are already producing “jaw-dropping GoPro footage recorded from quadcopters,” or drones. He added, “Earlier this year, to study the policy implications and to protect the rights of our users, GoPro joined the Washington-based Small UAV Coalition,” a drone advocacy group.

It's important to note that we're talking about consumer drones here – which haven't faced the same kind of hurdles that commercial drones have so far been unable to leap.

You should start looking for the new GoPro drones to hit the market some time in late 2015. There are already a handful of companies that are working to establish themselves in this arena – but the company's name recognition alone should ensure that GoPro makes a splash.

Image via GoPro, Facebook

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