May 11, 2005

Want to know what Google thinks of any person, place, thing or date? Googlism it! You call up the Googlism page and enter in the subject matter, and Googlism then lists snippets of information that is culls from the Google-indexed web pages of the world.


Sometimes accurate, mostly hilarious, it’s always interesting. Of course, the results are not really Google’s opinion, they’re those of the web site owners of the world. Within the Google results are the countless numbers thoughts and opinions about thousands upon thousands of different topics, people, names, things, places and dates and Googlism simply searches Google and lets you know what website owners are saying about what you keyed in.

To give you an idea of what types of results are spit out, I picked a subject bound to have a wide variety of opinions-Hillary Clinton.

hillary clinton is a traitor
hillary clinton is like india’s bandit
hillary clinton is going to visit the artifacts from the old civilizations of egypt as well as islamic and coptic antiquities
hillary clinton is a conspircy theorist
hillary clinton is such a woman
hillary clinton is america’s foremost leftist
hillary clinton is by most accounts highly intelligent
hillary clinton is subject of new book
hillary clinton is a stripper
hillary clinton is the talk of the town
hillary clinton is defendant in two judicial watch lawsuits
hillary clinton is her own person in the eyes of the american people and not a pale reflection of a highly visible husband
hillary clinton is not eleanor roosevelt
hillary clinton is a political superstar
hillary clinton is the most admired woman in america
hillary clinton is one of the most controversial first ladies in american history
hillary clinton is a refreshing departure from the political hit jobs
hillary clinton is some sort of android
hillary clinton is not going to use the us senate as a stepping stone to becoming the first female president of america
hillary clinton is preparing a run for the presidency
hillary clinton is actually our president right now
hillary clinton is bi
hillary clinton is such a woman
hillary clinton is president kids are going to have rights like everyone
many, many more is not affiliated with Google. Its concept was conceived by Paul Cherry and creatively programmed by Chris Morton in 2002. However, the program uses for creating the results.

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