Google’s Street View Loses The Side Of A Building

By: Chris Crum - July 31, 2013

We’ve seen plenty of strange things within Google’s Street View photography, but this is a new one, at least to me. Have you ever seen Google display a building, reducing it to two dimensions?

Here’s an instance, pointed out on reddit, in which Google appears to have done just that. As redditor disguysdalimit asks, “Where is the side of this building?

Street View Building

Here’s the link if you want to hop into Street View yourself. If you travel just down the street and look at the building, you can see the missing side:

Google Street View building

If you go down the street in the other direction and look from a different angle, you can also see the other side:

Building on Street View

Clearly it’s just a glitch in Google’s not quite seamless Street View imagery, but sometimes the glitches are more interesting than the actual photography.

Here’s another interesting glitch someone also shared on reddit:

Street View glitch

Street View glitch

Now, look at all these birds on Google’s Street View!

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  • Jarrod Wright

    It has an angled front that runs parallel to the road… it is an illusion, but it is not a Google glitch. It just looks strange because we assume that the corner is a right angle. Look Here I did a screen capture of the satellite view.

    problem solved.