Google’s Search Options Increase

    October 1, 2009
    Chris Crum

Earlier this year, Google launched its search options feature. This is a clickable link on search results pages, which provides a list of options to let you refine your search by a number of different parameters.

Today the company announced that it has added 9 new options. Some of these you may already be familiar with, because they have been rolling out gradually for a while. Google says they will now be available globally (in English) by the end of the day.

New Search Options

The options include:

– Past hour
– Specific date range
– More shopping sites
– Fewer shopping sites
– Visited pages
– Not yet visited
– Books
– Blogs
– News

The options are pretty self-explanatory, but it should be noted that the past hour is the closest thing Google has to a real-time search option. At least, that is the closest thing they have to a clickable option. A while back, Ran Geva of Omgili pointed out that you can alter the URL to get results from within a minute or even within a second.

These search options are not the only new features for Google search results. The company also just announced that it is now featuring more forum links underneath forum-based results.