Google’s Profit Per Employee = $210,000

    May 14, 2009

When it comes to balancing warm, fuzzy feelings against financial needs, Google’s apparently got the formula pat.  Even though Yahoo, Microsoft, and lots of other tech companies have laid off more employees in the past year or so, a new report found that the search giant achieved a significantly better profit-per-employee figure.

In 2008, Google wound up with an extra $209,624 for each person wandering around Mountain View (or some other corporate office), according to a post on the Royal Pingdom blog.  This topped all other tech companies in the comparison, and amounts to about eight percent more than what Microsoft, which earned second place, achieved.

Google Employee Salary

Then the numbers start dropping in a really significant manner.  eBay’s level of profit per employee works out to only 52 percent of Google’s, for example.  Yahoo’s is even worse, at 15 percent.

The good people of Royal Pingdom concluded as a result, "We’re definitely not financial analysts, but it seems to us that Google is doing a really good job keeping their company profitable even though they have grown so rapidly (Google just turned 10 last year)."

Google’s employees must also be happy about that the search giant has never taken to downsizing much during this process.