Google’s Note This Feature

    April 9, 2007

I noticed over the weekend that a new link has been added to Google’s search results:

Google Note This Feature

Below each listing is a link to ‘Note This’. Clicking on the link opens an AJAX based dialogue in the foot of your window:

Google Note This Dialogue Window

The idea seems to be to allow users to save clips as you surf. After adding a site to my Notebook I can then review and search for content through an AJAX interface:

Google Notebook Interface

It seems that the product might not yet be ready for the big-time. I noticed that the notes I added from the SERPs did not include a hyperlink. Clicking on ‘javascript:void(0);’ opened a new window but without content.

Google also has a Firefox Plug-in available, and judging from the screen shots on the download page the title of each note should act as the link to that content:

Google Notebook Plugin

I wonder will Notepad become the latest play in Google’s ranking algorithm?