Google’s Navigational Bar Goes Far (Away)

    December 12, 2007

Please don’t think we’re pretending this is a drastic change – it isn’t.  It will, however, slightly alter the daily search experience of millions of people worldwide, so we’re here to report that’s navigational bar has spread to several international versions.

Google's Navigational Bar Goes Far (Away) Yes, that list of services that includes things like “Web,” “Images,” and “Maps” is now in the upper-left corner of Google UK, Google Russia, Google China, and just about everything else you can think of.  On many of these sites, that means it simply took a short trip from the center of the page.

Still, this would appear to indicate that Google is aiming for a measure of uniformity among its many versions.  Outliers still exist – Google Korea retains both a centered navigational bar and little cartoon buttons – but a trend is a trend.

Also, “A Google UK source, who wished to remain unnamed, confirmed to Pocket-lint that these design changes are in fact permanent,” according to Amy-Mae Elliott.

Somehow, we don’t expect any widespread protests (or accolades) as a result.  Nonetheless, Google did something, and now you know about it.