Google’s More Tab Expands With Patents and Blogs

    December 21, 2006

Google has added two more links to its expanding “More” box that pops out of its search engine tabs.

In addition to Books, Froogle and Google Groups, they’ve plugged in links to Google Blogsearch and the new Patent Search. The Blogsearch link is making me real happy, as that service was really annoying to reach in the past.

The Patent Search link, on the other hand, is a bit confusing, and could hint that Google is trying a strategy of (temporarily, I hope) putting links to new services in the More box, so users can discover them when they are fresh. I can’t see Patents staying in there long, as its appeal is extraordinarily limited, so the placement has got to be more as a bit of an advertisement than anything else, as you can’t expect Patents to get used by a while bunch of people.

This gives Google five tabs and five More links (plus an Even More link), while Yahoo (which ripped off the same feature) has five tabs and five More links (plus an All Services link and an advertising link). I think Google’s choices are better:

Google Yahoo
Web Web
Images Images
Video Video
News Local
Maps Shopping
More: More:
Blogs Answers
Books Audio
Froogle Directory
Groups Jobs
Patents News



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