Google’s Matt Cutts Talks Auto-Generated Pages

    September 4, 2013
    Chris Crum
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Google takes action on pages that are auto-generated, and add no value. You probably know that. Google talks about this kind of content in its Quality Guidelines. But that hasn’t stopped Matt Cutts from discussing it further in a new Webmaster Help Video in response to the user-submitted question:

What does Google do against sites that have a script that automatically picks up search query and makes a page about it? Ex: you Google [risks of drinking caffeine], end up at a page: “we have no articles for DRINKING CAFFEINE” with lots of ads.

“Okay, so it’s a bad user experience,” says Cutts. “And the way that you have asked the question, we are absolutely willing to take action against those sites.”

He notes that in the past, he has put out specific calls for sites where you search for a product, and you think you’re going to get a review, and you find a page with “zero reviews found” for that product.

If you have a site that would have something like this, Cutts says to just block the pages that have zero results found.

Image: Google (YouTube)

  • http://afiliados-na-web.com Afiliados na web

    We need to take care about Google Guidelines.

    Google Panda and Penguin do not forgive what you do!

  • glover

    so google search engine now unable to recognize this pages itself. Surfers must check robots.txt files to be sure what webmaster of this site disallowed such links and report it to google.

    Is google catalog now??? Google not looks like search engine for me, it more looks like chaos engine (feel lucky if you find something useful).

    Also lot of webmasters today lost up to 90% of traffic. But amazon get all this traffic on pages with “no results” and “product not available”. Who will report amazon to google?

    So you now can rank sites only if you member of internet coalition. In this case quality not matters.

  • http://www.trafficfundi.com Steven Green

    We must be bored if we have this as a topic of SEO right now.

  • Howard

    And yet these auto-gen pages litter the google search results… how ironic that they speak of these… lmao

  • http://tectivoo.com/ Josh Trenser

    Folks, I just love these videos from Mr Cutts. I think he adds value and tells what not to do in the world of SEO.

    • phoenix

      Yes josh i agree but some time Google is showing 3 result for one website lets say if your are searching for Toronto Airport Taxi in Google.ca you will see 3 top ranking for aeroporttaxi.com wich is nor fair.