Google’s Matt Cutts Talks About “Unique” Content

    December 10, 2012
    Chris Crum
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Google has put out a new Webmaster Help video. This time, Matt Cutts answers a question about an ecommerce site that has about 1,000 product pages. The question, as Google translates it, essentially boils down to: How can I make the pages on my site unique?

“Okay, let me give you a little bit of tough love…the question should not be, ‘I have n pages. How can I make them unique?’ The question is, ‘How many pages can I make that are high quality that provide value to users?'” Cutt says. “If you can’t manage to have a thousand pages, and have something unique – something different than just an affiliate feed or whatever on each page of that site, then why should your thousand pages, which are, again, maybe just rewarmed content of an affiliate feed, rank compared to someone else’s thousand pages of that same affiliate content?”

Watching the video, something tells me Matt’s a little tired of answering questions like this.

  • http://www.frisorgittejagd.dk Frisør Valby

    Pretty cool video! Good answer by Matt Cutts too…

  • William

    Dear Google’s Matt Cutts,

    Do you and Google know that there is a “right to compilation”? And, it is especially PROTECTED BY THE LAW?

    Do you and Google know that the law can NOT BE APPLIED RETROACTIVELY?

    You perfectly know. Another Google arrogance and insolence in the face of the Law.

  • Conran

    Dear Web Pro News…

    WHY do you have an audio ad on this page when you have a video embedded in it? You try watching a video and listening properly to what’s being said when you have some Red Bull ad talking over it.

    Please, a little more attention and common sense would be good.