Matt Cutts Tweets About Bing

Notices Some Shortcomings in Bing Results

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Everybody’s talking about Bing today since the Microsoft’s new search engine became unexpectedly available on a widescale. That includes Google, and more specifically Matt Cutts.

An interesting conversation took place on Twitter today between Cutts and Betsy of the Bing account. Cutts was apparently doing a little ego searching on Bing and does not appear entirely impressed with the results. SEO Services Group has transcribed the conversation:

 Matt Cutts: Congrats to @bing on the launch! Sad to see this not-so-relevant result at #4 for [matt cutts] though: http://bit.ly/4a8Q1Y

Bing: @mattcutts anytime you want to give feedback to @bing, we’re here. :) I’m sitting with the devs at present. ^betsy

Betsy for Bing Bing: @mattcutts I know you are disappointed in ego search stuff tonight w/ @bing, but try ‘mtv movie awards 2009′ and see what you get. :) ^ba

Matt Cutts: Ouch. The #5 Bing result for [matt cutts] is spammy too: http://bit.ly/B2r5F It’s a YouTube->WordPress autogenerated blog. :(

Matt Cutts: @bing okay. First web result was from 2008 instead of 2009, even with 2009 in query: http://bit.ly/SToK1 . Google nails it.

Matt Cutts: @bing but doesn’t it bother you that [mtv movie awards] on Google gives great news results and 2009 url, but w/Bing I only see 2008, 2007, ?

Movie Awards search on Bing

Bing: @mattcutts Uh – the first answer folks see is the news answer, not what you circled. Apparently twilight won. ^ba

Matt Cutts: @bing by the way, Twilight did rock. I’m not ashamed to say it–glittery vampires rule!! :)

That’s about it for the conversation between the two (so far), but Cutts referenced that number 4 result again later:

Matt Cutts Tweets about Bing

To me, this just looks like Cutts stepping up to market Google in the wake of Bing’s launch. Bing’s getting a lot of attention right now, and it only makes sense that Google would want to make sure they don’t go thinking its better than their own search engine. It’s about protecting the brand.

Whether this is Matt’s intention or not, Cutts pointing out shortcomings in Bing’s search results is going to resonate throughout the industry. He is practically the posterboy for Google, at least among the search and tech savvy crowd.  A lot of people follow Matt Cutts. A lot of people hang nearly everything on what he has to say (search-wise).

Cutts has shed some light on some issues with Bing though. It’s a little early to burn the search engine at the stake. After all, it’s not even supposed to be launched yet, but after trying an ego search for myself (not something I performed in my first Bing runthrough), I am also much happier with Google’s results. By the way, here are some more Bing findings.

What are your thoughts on Bing? How do you like the search engine’s results compared to Google’s? Share your thoughts.

Matt Cutts Tweets About Bing
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  • http://www.jamisonkelly.com Jamison

    Google has been on the top for a long time. It’s refreshing to see something come out that actually can compete. It makes for better search engines all around.

  • HAHA

    Matt Cutts likes Twilight. lol

    Just lost a little respect for him.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l00MGvHcdW0 rayallen

    Cutts on an ego trip? Why is that so surprising? Cutts has the number one ego in Google, and the way he wrote those tweets it almost seems the was sarcasm mixed in. Makes me so angry the Google thinks they are the “biggest Coca Cola in the desert”. Glad that Google will get more competition!

  • http://www.newsforcenetwork.com Dana Todd

    Um, yeah. Hate to say it but I prefer Google’s results for my name better than Bing. Bing has a lot of really old stuff on it, and it’s kinda weird that 2 different wedding sites occupy 2 of the top spots on the SERP (one of which has no text on it at all, just pics). And a blank IMDB page? Tsk tsk.

    Methinks it’s pretty URL- and title-centric.

    • Chris Crum

      There are definitely some odd choices.

  • KingsAndBetter

    I have been using Google for years as my only search engine. Bing is the first search engine I have used that looks and acts different. I still find myself going back to Google for news and timeline searches but that could change once I start using this Bing for some time.

    I thought it was going to be impossible to top Google but Bing might be able to do that! But hey I thought it was going to be impossible to top PS3 but look what Xbox360 did to that. I am waiting to see the extra features that come out for Bing.

  • srikanth

    OK, cutts is ridiculing Bling. That is the first sign of something positive for Bling, that the competition is feeling something. Cutts can be who ever he is, the more tweets he is posting the more arrogant he looks. Google is better, but the transition from Live to Bling got lot better and it will take to fix the quirks of Bling, since it is just released but I am damn sure, Bling will give google run for its money. Larry and Sergey should put Cutts on short leash, coz this taunt-maniac, is not the best ad google can place about itself.

  • perspective

    Bing does provide a fresh contrast to Google. The name is catchy. MS is heading the right direction and yes we do need competition. Some suggestions for MS…

    1. Have a Matt Cutts equivalent but more (not just twitter but a team that responds) Google is known for not having customer service.
    2. Have their spiders really spider an entire site and quickly (at least for higher traffic sites – top 30 or 40% of websites).
    3. Spider new sites faster with some type of service. This allows new companies and ideas to enter the stream of awareness.
    4. Have something equivalent if not better to webmasters with the added dimension of image, video, pod casts, etc. management for indexing.
    5. Have something as good as anlaytics (serves MS and users) – Analytics is so critical to Google’s knowledgebase.
    6. Have something like Yahoo Buzz but in many verticals that can be searched at the meta level – user searches on a category and then is able to see the buzz results. Publishers get to vie for the buzz using not only links but also by displayed by how new or old the site is (old as in the site is mature versus the site is new) so people can explore both main staple sites as well as fresh new sites.
    7. Have weekly Q&A forums to LISTEN
    8. Make sure the top keyword searches are answered well (doesn’t have to be better than G) so as to promote trust.
    9. Allow people to build their own customized search and place them in a “Search Apps Center” that does something like “cool.bing.com” that may search only cool items. Give incentives as well as tools to promote. Community + rewards + innovation when you look outside the box for answers.

  • http://www.alleghenyhealth.com Chiropractic Pittsburgh

    I did a search for my self (my own ego search :) and I see that Bing has changed my title tag of my site to read “Visit _____ S Homepage”. That’s crazy, I don’t think that is any help. I wrote my title tag cuz it works, why did they go and alter it? Besides they got it wrong, the did not put the apostrophe s when they wrote ____ S Homepage, it should be ______’s Home page. And again, it’s not a homepage, it’s my business’s website.

    • Chris Crum

      Now that’s interesting.

    • http://www.grateproducts.com Grate Products

      Think of all the wasted time for so many SEM/SEO trying to target key-landing pages to have them altered?! That’s insane.

      That defiantly needs to get worked out.

    • http://www.seoauditors.com SEO Company

      I think Bing is pulling titles from DMOZ. Hopefully they support the NOODP Tag.

  • http://www.search-marketing-answers.com/blog AlanBleiweiss

    While Matt Cutts has some valid points, Google is far from perfect. There’s lots of scraper sites and spam sites that continually come up in the Google results every day for countless search phrases.

    I’m sick and tired of Google ignoring spam report submissions and completely failing to even acknowledge my inquiries about some seriously flagrant issues. Matt Cutts won’t even give me the time of day when I attempt to contact him.

    At the same time, Chiropractic Pittsburgh points out a serious issue that I also discovered and wrote about in my initial bing review. If bing is going to decide on their own how to replace a page’s official accurate title that is not good at all.

    But as far as Matt Cutts getting all pious and self-righteous that’s because Google pays him a nice salary to do so. Yet I think it’s laughable that he gets all high and mighty when Google allows sites that use blatant black hat methods to come up on the first page of results. http://bit.ly/SiFYL the first result – I did an expose blog article on that guy and his tactics. Google never responded to spam reports.

    So Matt Cutts – either clean your own side of the street before you slam bing, or shut up about how bad bing is.

  • http://makemoneyeasyhome.blogspot.com/ Adam

    Bing looks good.We will only know more as time goes on.There are so much to improve.iam sure they will have a long way to go .

  • http://inchoo.net Toni Anicic

    I’ve seen more relevant results from Cuil :D

  • http://isyourspousecheatingonyou.com Mo Simpson

    The Big G needs all the competition it can get, but really, does anyone think Bing can topple or even come close?

    • Guest

      Yes. Eventually, it will. We need real competition among the big search engines.

  • http://www.websitedesignpak.com Web Design Pakistan

    to be pointing out minor issues in a product which is yet to be launched.
    Whatever happened to being a good sport and accepting a fair challenge.

  • http://www.happyinchina.com Guest

    We can’t open bing.com in China, because of the GFW.
    We usually search on baidu or Google.
    I don’t think bing can beat anyone of them.

  • http://www.bystander.homestead.com flightstick

    I did an ego search on “Bystander” on Bing.com, but could not find any mention of my Bystander site. Immediately, I went to Yahoo search and bingo! it was on the first page, and on Google it appeared on the third page. I think I will stick to Yahoo and Google.

    Also, I didn’t see any of the fancy categories and features that Microsoft was harping about, just a single column list of results.

    Did I miss anything?

    • http://www.wte-ltd.co.uk sewage treatment

      ‘Also, I didn’t see any of the fancy categories and features that Microsoft was harping about, just a single column list of results.’

      If you move the mouse to the right hand side of the entry, a line appears with a yellow dot. Hold the mouse there for a few secs.and a very good summary of the webpage comes up with text taken from the page. It saves a lot of time seaching through pages containing irrelevant information.

  • hijacked

    Bing hijacked my default search in the browser line. I had it set to Google and was perfectly happy with that. Not a big surprize, I expect this from MicroSoft. Thing is I can’t figure out how to reset the browser default search in IE.

  • http://www.techknowl.com techknowl

    Matt is almost correct . My one year old weblog with decent traffic results (for keyword=domain name ) results Cisco.com in Bing search . Oh! wats that??

  • Prof Abronsius

    I check every month the position of several websites for different searches on multiple search engines and I must say that the LiveSearch results were not very relevant. Bing was even worse and provides links to sites that do not correspond to the research.

    It is interesting to see the regularity of the responses of different search engines over time. Google is very linear and update consistently his answers. LiveSearch and Altavista can place a site on the first page a week and relegate it on the 6th page the following week!

  • az

    Bing hijacked my default browser search!!!!!!!


  • http://www.seoauditors.com SEO Auditors


    I must admit, Bing does have some cool features however, the search results are not that accurate. I think Microsoft will gain some more market share if, they market Bing correctly and provide more relevant data.

    • http://www.byusdesign.com John B

      Why is it that I have top 10 rankings for several keyword and keyword phrase searches on Google and Yahoo and yet on the Bing there is nothing in the top 100 and when I do a site: search it only shows 1 entry for two sites that I have and yet Google and Yahoo show several entries for both sites, once again in the top 10.

      Bing may be a new entry for Microsoft but I think it has a long way to go before it becomes a front runner!

      Do a search on “musicals in kent”, “plays in kent” and “kent theatre” on Google, Yahoo and Bing and take a look at the results. Google and Yahoo show http://www.kenttheatre.co.uk in their results but Bing shows nothing!

      I could be questioned for expecting my sites to perform well but taking a look at the results it plain to see either Bing are using a different formula to give different results or they need to sit down and re-think their algorithms.

      Maybe my opinion is bias but none the less I would expect challengers to at least show the same results within their top 100.

      • Guest

        Exactly! We have a site which is ranked number 1 for its keywords on Google & Yahoo for 5 years already. Its 10 years old, PR7 site (G), excellent rep, thousands of natural links – where does it rank in Bing?? Not even in top 100 (but they have 55,000 pages indexed). Huh??? I don’t even know where to start …

  • http://www.longbeachrealestatehome.com/ Long Beach CA

    Bing Search results are a disappointment. Those at the top have worked hard to produce the relevant content to earn these positions. Bing’s results return many site with irrelevant results and no logical reason for being found – at all. While I maintained some of my #1 and front page positioning on the Bing site many sites seem to have floated up from the sandbox. Guess Bing doesn’t have a sandbox – yet.

  • http://www.procalisxonline.info/ Herbal Health Information Center

    I don’t know what to think but I noticed a drastic increase in traffic to my sites through search results from Bing. Google has been the “Dictator” for a long time. I think it’s time other top players joined the band wagon. As for the ego search by Cutts, it does not surprise me. In a forum post, somebody used the 4-letter word to describe his ego.

  • http://gossipexposed.com/ Marc

    Cutts and his incumbent overlords at skynet are gettin fraid, lol

    Bing is in its first generation, so of course there will be bugs. But anything that pisses off Cutts is good in my book.

    So kudos to the other set of know-it-alls at Microsoft….

    i cant wait to see who dethrones Google

    • http://computerizedspirit.com Guest

      … is good in my book too :)
      I preffer yahoo as a SE btw

    • Guest


    • TimG

      Exactly, Matty boy and google are worried and their response clearly indicates this, I had thought google was untouchable, maybe it’s time for something new? Whats’ with the friggin cat!!

  • http://librodecondolencia.com/ Condolencias

    I love this search for non existing sites at most site:.beta

  • http://www.anti-aging.eglobalhomebiz.com Jimi

    Hey, Bing is new….Give it a chance. Maybe after SP1 or SP2 it will be better off. Hahaha :-)

    • http://www.bing.com Bingo

      Bing rocks, I can see the concern on the non-MS folks, Microsoft has finally nailed it…I liked Google a lot from the search perspective, I now like bing better than Google.


  • http://www.diamondonnet.com Diamonds

    Still new, we won’t know what will become of this. Its pretty much the same as Live though.

  • http://www.netviperinteractive.com Guest

    My site ranks far better on BING than it does with Google. I like it.

    • Guest2

      from which do you get the most visits? cause that’s ultimately what matters.

  • http://www.adwebdesigns.com Bill Scott SEO Expert

    I just searched “first page results” on bing.com I must say this is the smartest engine ever! How did it know how to choose the best organic seo firm? LOL JK and it might just be the results I am seeing.

    I don’t think Google has anything to worry about. I searched a couple of different terms and think Google is Spot on. I do like Bing results vs Yahoo

    Its always nice to see new search technology. Good luck on your new search engine Bing!

  • http://cheyennearcade.com Guest

    Google needs the competition. THey have gotton too big for their britches. A lot of their results in searches yield completely irrelevant results. Most often what I get is yet links to more links to yet more links to yet more links and so on. Only about 1 out of 4 searches do I actually see what I want right on top. Seems to me the only ones successing with Google are hackers, spammers and scam artists.

    Perhaps now Google will be forced to clean up it’s act. Even with Adwords….I am forced to bid against scammers for keywords I should be on top with and when I go to see who is on top with them keywords, they are usually lists of links, link farms or directories as they call themselves. Less than half the time do I find what I want within the first 10 searches. I almost always click down to number 100 or more and find more relevant results there.

  • http://www.coordimax.com Geoff Michael

    We are an Australian company but we host our site in the U.S.
    Bing does not recognize our site as Australian, so our products do well in searches in bing.com BUT not in bing.com.au
    This is a major flaw.
    Google and Yahoo get this right.

    • Guest

      Maybe you should fork out the cash and host your site here…

      Telling any search engine that they are flawed is pointless. Would you be saying the same thing if Bing already had 90% market share? My guess is you would pay the 200 odd bucks a year and host in Oz.

  • Grandad

    I class myself as a grandaddy when it comes to the net. Been designing sites for over 14 years and have used many engines (directories) over the years. Yes, Google does have the dominance but its not down to search results, its down to their own marketing, that has put them in the position they are in. And because it has made it so easy for so-called seo’s to spring up on every street in the world, the word does get round far easier! The more the name is spread, the more people think, this is an excellent place to advertise, get listed, whatever you want to call it, as so many SEO’s want to call it their own thing etc.

    That old saying “S**T sticks”, springs to mind.

    You want relevant listings? I think it’s time people took a real look into Yahoo!

    • http://yoddle.net Webmaker

      Would you be interested in helping me get my “Find Engine” in line. I am a little scared because Bing is very similar to my project. I could use all the help that I could get. Some good point of views would be nice.

  • http://linkdirs.blogspot.com/ Eric SEO

    Although I am not a big fan of Bing anymore, but Google too have flaws and a few of them quite big ones, what if someone from Microsoft go and start pointing them out?

    Secondly, Bing is just launched and we should give it some time to overcome its shortcomings.

  • Guest

    Actually From a user experience perspective Bing is around 10 times easoer to work with than google at least in the searches I did just like Live Image Search is 10 times better than the google image search

    • Chris Crum

      I find the way they do image search results interesting – the loading on a single page aspect. I don’t like that you have to mouse over them to see where they’re from, the dimensions, etc.

      It also may be annoying if you seen one you like, but keep looking and then have to go back and find it again. Rather than remembering what page it was on, you have to scroll back up and try to find it among the rest.

  • http://www.symphonyoflove.net/blog BK

    I would say give it some times to work things out. No one and in this case no system is perfect, it can only get better. In fact I just got to know about Bing about an hour ago; yes, I must have been staying in Mars. Before Bing, I have been using Google for searches most of the time. However, I am more than willing to give Bing a try once in a while and see how it is going to work. In a way, I do think that Matt concern is valid. If I am a user searching for information, I wouldn’t want some spam results coming up, regardless of whether I am using Bing or Google. Just my two cents worth from a user point of view.

  • Guest

    Bing has at least for me been as accurate if not more accurate.

    Especially for new content. Despite that MTV example above.

  • http://www.highrankingseo.net florida

    It was a girl fight. It was a “I hate you”, “I hate you”, and then…..”I agree!”

  • http://www.inspiero.com Harris

    I am completely out of this fight. i live far away from Google or Microsoft headquarters. But congrats to Microsoft.

    For internet users it is always good to have more search engines. I have been using Google a lot, and have navigated briefly on Bing. Both are good, but it’s a matter of taste. i still love google, and sort of start falling in love with Bing too, as it appears simple and clean.

  • Guest

    Sounds like sour grapes to me from Matt’s perspective. Always good to have a new entrant challenge and force some innovation. Google’s done little over the last few years to dramatically improve users’ experiences. A lot of incrementalism, in my opinion. Hopefully some big improvements from both will result from competition.

    Also, hard to take any man seriously who holds a cat on his lap…

    • http://www.SerendipityCollections.com Jan

      Good points! It IS always good to have a new entrant to challenge and force innovation. LOL about man with cat! ;-)

  • Guest

    Google is becoming to commercialized, that it makes me sick. It’s apparent they just want to monopolize all the advertising dollars so much so, that I intentionally don’t click on any Adsense ads, whether they are relevant or not.. If Bing is somewhat worthwhile, I’m going to drop Google in a heartbeat.

  • Guest

    I just want to let you all bing users know that bing is simply live.com with a different name, don’t believe it? read this article


    • Guest

      Why do you care? Why does it matter to you? If you like the search engine, use it.

  • http://www.themedseoservices.com ThemedSEO

    Hey Bingoooooo…. kindly follow matts way…………..

  • http://www.looogo-web.com/ Web design Bangladesh

    They are showing tons of images on the same page to let you choose the right one. Help them by choosing it yourself after all they are irrelevant you know. And you have to wait until the images are downloaded. Wonderful stuff!

  • http://robert-seo.blogspot.com Robert

    That looks like nothing more than a bun fight between the two. Could it be that Google are actually a little concerned?

    I think Google still rule in local search, but this could be short lived – well I can hope? :P can’t I? I much prefer the Bing search results it’s a much neater package than anything Google offer. Not to mention I love the continual results that Bing offer in their image search.

    Relevance? Well I guess that’s really a matter of opinion. Matt is right that there may be a non-relevant listing in his results. But if we’re going to get down to the grit, half of the pages returned in my Google searches just don’t cut it either. It’s the overall user experience that’s key here… and bing win – for me! :)

  • http://moneyhints.com SEO Money

    Competition in any business is a good thing and Bing is competition for Google, which is probably why Mr Cutts waded in early to try and find faults. It’ll be a war of words for a while until things settle down and everyone gets on with doing what they’re doing. From an SEO standpoint, Google has been getting increasingly difficulty to rank for many keywords, whereas MSN’s old Live and its new incarnation Bing seems to be more accommodating. Let’s see how this pans out.

  • http://shop.thecleverbaggers.co.uk Will

    Hey guys, those that have recognised the potential well dont, those that are still on the fence well done, those that have just splayed bing already…. Narrow minded.. Give bing a chance, its abviosly been launched before its ready. Let bing take some feedback and see what people want. They will listen, they have to to stand a chance. Google has dominated the market for too long now. Its refreshing to see a serious competitor on the market again. Yes its obviously still using live’s indexed pages and crappy algorithms. But lets face it microsoft have the money to invest heavily in this. They cant just do this in a few months it takes years of refining and tweaking. They will get it right im sure. Lets face it, the way the internet is going with the increase of home users connections. iGoogle aside plain google is pretty limited and dry. Times have changed while google has been pre occupied with making cash from adwords there face has started to fall off.

    Image search rocks…. Your all in with that i know.

    Vid search, well it needs to be like the image search.

    Web search, well thats crap

    Shopping, microsoft hasnt long purchased it so i expect it to be re branded to fit in with bing?

    News, doesnt look like they have even got to that bit yet.

    all in all, hold tight! lets see where this goes.

  • http://www.seoplus.nl John Bertrand

    Lets see what the future has to say about this new search engine

  • http://sundicator.net suNNy

    … Mr. Google Perfect. Google’s results are not always that great either.
    Let me give you one advice: Wear Sunscreen ;-)

  • http://www.recruit121.com SAP

    I agree that the search results seem very similar to live’s but the overall site is so much nicer to use

  • http://www.lunalogo.com Logo Conversion


    I find that Bing is great work. It shows only exact result which required.. So I say All the Best for BIng….

  • http://www.wte-ltd.co.uk Septic Tank

    Tried Bing for the first time this morning and find it a big improvement on Google.
    The problem with google is that since it has started to take more notice of social sites, forums, on-line advertising, etc. a lot of the results are becoming blog.
    Google results also tend to be stale due to it’s preference for old sites. It is good to see something different and objective for a change
    I also like the information drop down on the website on the left which saves a lot of time searching irrelevant sites. Google needs to improve or watch out for Bing.

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