Google’s Matt Cutts Answers Link: Operator Questions

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Google’s Matt Cutts has posted a video in which he responds to user questions regarding Google’s [link:] search operator. He answers the following two questions:

– How accurate is Google’s backlink-check (link:…)? Are all nofollow backlinks filtered out or why does Yahoo/MSN show quite more backlink results?

– If you have inbound links from reputable sites, but those sites don’t show up in a link:webname.com search, does this mean you aren’t getting any "credit" in Google’s eyes for having inbound links?

The video comes from Google Webmaster Central’s YouTube channel, which is full of useful videos for webmasters. The channel has videos not only from Cutts, but from other knowledgeable Googlers as well. Cutts himself has been posting informative videos on his own in an effort to bring his presentations from various conferences to the audience at home.

Google’s Matt Cutts Answers Link: Operator Questions
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  • http://www.VerticalMeasures.com Arnie K

    “Random” is the key phrase in this video. Thanks for the explanation Matt, we will post it on our blog too, as we get asked that question almost every day.

  • http://www.moviesforlesbians.com/Movielist.html MFL

    Great video. Simple and to the point.

    Interesting that we don’t see all our links under the links query because of a simple thing like lack or conservation of server space.

    The ridiculous reasons that I have come across on the forums would make you howl

  • http://DebtConsolidationGains.com Debt Consolidation

    But seriously – should we consider everything that Matt says to be what Google really does? I really don’t think so. Google is pretty darn tricky and surely won’t let Matt know everything about them. That’s for sure. Or so I guess, :)

  • http://www.seosean.com Affordable SEO Services

    Pretty much the same old stuff he has been saying and has been known for some time now.

  • http://www.theinfogroup.com Dallas SEO

    Matt in a round about way confirms the importance of using Webmaster Tools if you want to perform well in Google. While the back links you can check for your site may not give an indication of what “weight” is attached to them there is so much additional information you can gain about your site overall that definitley helps you fine tune your content and linking strategies.

  • http://www.kenya-safaris.org Kenya Safari

    Any PRO or whatsoever would protect the interests of the company. If you are thinking of gaming google and then considering everything that Matt says, your position will never change.
    But one thing i appreciate about him is that he advises people on how to stay in google index without a a ban. But the rest, am not sure.

  • Joseph

    I don’t think its working ….

    Doo a google search for “eco” and you will get http://eco.org
    ranks #1 & PR7 and its just a page with 3 google ads…..

    Matt….can you explain that?

  • http://www.thehallers.com Emma Haller

    I am a huge Matt Cutts fan but here he has not answered the question.

    “- How accurate is Google’s backlink-check (link:…)? Are all nofollow backlinks filtered out or why does Yahoo/MSN show quite more backlink results?”

    He answered how to find out who links to your site and how the results of the link: query is displayed in Google but completely avoided the question about the nofollow backlinks being filtered out.

    This is the question i would like to have answered, there have been experiments that seem to confirm that nofollow does not really mean nofollow but more no pass on link juice.
    then there is also research to say exactly the opposite – the debate continues…

    Matt, can you help?

  • http://www.foleyinternetmarketing.com Dan Foley

    I respect Matt and follow him but his answer here about backlinks would qualify him to run for a high office because he talked for a long time without saying anything. Saying that Google’s approach is a good compromise is part of that baloney.

  • http://www.avatar-web-solutions.com Internet Marketing Ireland

    I find most of Matt’s videos to be quite informative, but I notice that he avoids the question asked about filtering out nofollow links in this one. However, yet again he indicates the importance of the webmaster tools available from Google.

    Of course, it doesn’t matter that Google continues to only provide a sample of the links inbound to any site: Yahoo search is the tool I use to check out the competition, and also my own site.

  • http://thisseogetsresults.com SEO Consultant

    If the :site search is random then why are the results of a search, always the same for a particular, except when a new one appears of course?

    What makes some links always appear for a particular site and not others, and why whenever I blog about a site, does my blog ALWAYS show and stay as a backlink….in a :link search??? me thinks there’s more to the :link search than meets the eye, I have never worked out what it is in particular, and many times it doesn’t make sense at all, The one thing I agree with Matt is that if Google told what these links represented, then everyone would spam them.

    I see a definite link between the number of back links in :link search and pagerank, but don’t understand why some links in that search appear rather than others from the same site.

    Lynny Seo Guru… self proclaimed

  • http://www.2nxs.com/ 2nxs

    If the :site search is only a random sample, what’s the point? Doesn’t seem like that function has any real value to users. Wait a minute…what does Google do to websites that don’t provide any perceived user value? hmmmmmmm

  • http://www.yummybouquets.com Guest

    I agree it seems like the same old. Thanks for informing us but it still isn’t clear. Why not just tell it the way it is and move forward. What’s all the hype of not disclosing. How will we ever get high page rank with unknowns…

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