Google’s Local Search Impresses on “Notary”

    March 16, 2007

We all know Google is cleaning up in the search space, but every so often I’ll check out what the other folks are doing just to see if they are getting close. Today I needed a notary. I work in Palo Alto, so I typed:

Palo Alto notary

into Google+Search”>Google,, Ask, and Yahoo.

Google+Search”>Only Google gave me the correct answer along with a map.

For this search Google is so far ahead of the others it isn’t even funny. And people wonder why Google continues getting market share? It’s no secret. Just ask the Palo Alto notary (I used the one at the UPS Store on Middlefield today and she was awesome).

UPDATE: Look at the ads on each of these searches. Google is kicking ass there too! It’s the only search that ONLY brought back Notary ads in that search. In fact, brought back NO ads for “notaries.” How freaking lame! I don’t want to see hotels when I am looking for a notary.

Are you seeing the same results for your local searches?