Google’s Little Ad Budget

    October 16, 2007

The Associated Press has an article about Google and the fact that the company barely advertises, especially when compared with its competitors.

Last year, Google spent $849 million on sales and marketing, with a tiny $188 million of that going into advertising and promotions*. Compared with Microsoft, which puts $11.5 billion into sales and marketing, or Yahoo’s $1.3 billion, and Google looks like a cheapskate.

Google’s got a powerful brand, and one it doesn’t have to prop up with very expensive advertising campaigns, so props to them. Google’s lucky more companies aren’t like them, otherwise Google would be out of business. Of course, Google’s got a lot of unpopular products, or products that have failed because no one noticed them, so they might want to buy an ad or two once in a while. GOOG-411 billboards are a good start, and they’d better advertise Google Health well (if it ever shows up) if they want it to work out.

(via Search Engine Land)

* – Consider that a bunch of that might have been wasted on Google Checkout coupons, so we’re talking even less advertising.