Google’s Internal Tool to Check Results?

    October 31, 2007

French Google blog Zorgloob has what they say are screenshots from a Google employee showing a certain “GG Score" value in action.

Apparently, this value and others are displayed when a Google engineer internally looks at search results, perhaps through a certain special tool.

The full line below the snippet for for instance reads (my line breaks and formatting):

GG Score: $11.68
Adv: Yes
Vertical: /Local/Regional Content
PVs: 11,088

Update: Tom in the comments explains that he photoshopped the screenshot info lines (perhaps in order to protect each site’s privacy); in other words, e.g. the number “$11.68” isn’t really the one from, but it was shown below another domain.

What exactly the GG Score in dollar is, the Zorgloob blog doesn’t know either, but they do add that the screenshot was sent by someone working in connection with the AdWords department. Other GG Scores shown include $30.73 and $34.33. Commenting on the meaning of the “Adv" value, Zorgloob’s TomHTML says “We did not find a correlation between this value and the presence or absence of AdWords advertising for these sites"* (during a brief scan I didn’t spot any AdSense on e.g. either that part got nullified by Tom’s update). “PVs” on the other hand, TomHTML ponders could be short for “page views.”

The screenshot Zorgloob presents also includes a navigation entry that reads “Moma” – the name of Google’s intranet.

*Translation via Google Translator.

[Image by Zorgloob, used with permission. Thanks TomHTML!]