Googles Image Database Surpassed?

    March 16, 2004

Internet Security Systems, Inc. is claiming to have passed Google has the largest image database in the world. ISS, a web-content filter company, stated their filtering software recently added the 1 billionth image to its filter database.

If accurate, this number surpasses Google’s suspected amount of 880 million images.

ISS uses a system of crawling the web similar to search engines. Once a site is identified, ISS then inspects the data with image and text recognition algorithms and categorizes the site or image into one of 58 distinct categories.

Besides automated web-crawls, their customers help populate ISS’s image database. If a user of their filtering software comes across an unknown URL, the URL is forwarded to ISS and it is then crawled and categorized.

Because of these methods of inclusion, the reason for ISS’ growth is apparent. With over 11000 customers worldwide, contributing to this inclusion, the company has a broad net cast for finding and cataloging images.

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