Google’s Holiday Decorations Gathered

    December 27, 2007

Depending on your work schedule, this could be your first day back from a holiday vacation.  Here to greet you, then, is a collection of the themed stuff Google did while you were away.

Parts of Gmail’s "happy holidays" message were standard – there’s nothing too special about a father-and-son-in-the-snow picture, for example.  It was still backed by a nice sentiment, though, and a small play on words added originality: "There may be snow outside, but hopefully there snow spam in your inbox."Google's Holiday Decorations Gathered

Also fairly unique was Google’s buildup to Christmas.  Day by day, a small team of stickmen added to the doodle at until the finished product was wrapped, striped, and sparkly.

Finally – and this change is still in effect – the Google Street View person was at some point replaced by a snowman.

Our sincere thanks to Haochi Chen, who collected these updates on the 24th and 25th.  Also, feel free to chime in with any additional interesting sights you’ve seen.